Giant Rat

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Giant Rats

Giant Rats are one of the creations of Clan Moulder. They are rats bred and augmented with warpstone to reach the size of large dogs, or even wolves. [1a]

Most are severely mutated, sporting additional heads, multiple tails, spikes or spines whilst some even have mechanical parts, such as wheels or a maces instead of a tail. They retain their ferocity and everlasting hunger while being quite easy to breed. Clan Carrion, Clan Mortkin and some others dye the fur of their rats as well as branding them. [2b]

They are the cheapest beast produced by Clan Moulder and are therefore commonly used by many Warlord clans. In battle they are guided by Packmasters or Master Moulders hired from Clan Moulder[2a] but are extremely vicious and always pursue fleeing enemies. Through strength in numbers they can quickly bring down the largest of enemies and devour them.[1a]