Giant Spined Chaos Beast

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Giant Spined Chaos Beast

Giant Spined Chaos Beasts are huge tainted four legged predators that dwell in the Chaos Wastes. [1a]

Its name is taken from the mass of brutal spines that are regularly added to with new growth as do the massive fangs that jut out its mouth, each one taller than a man. [1a]

They may be Chaos Warhounds swelled to massive proportions, their skin stretched tight and often tearing as new horns or spines emerge or even more muscles grow. [1a]

The beast is in constant agony from its continual transformation and evolution, howling its agony - something that only briefly subsides when it kills. It is so huge that it cn swallow men whole or tear vast chunks of flesh from larger prey. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 8th Edition: May have a Mark of one of the Chaos Gods. [1a]


We can't stand before that abomination! In the name of Sigmar, where are my cannons.

~ Count Erich von Wittengast - last words.[1a]