Giants of Albion

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Hengus and the Giants of Albion in action[2]

Hengus and the Giants of Albion are a trio of Dogs of War Mercenaries, hailing from the misty lands of Albion.[2]



Giants of Albion

It is said by the Druids of Albion that the race of mighty Giants that inhabit their island were put there by the Old Ones to guard the island from invaders. It is true that Giants prowl the rugged coasts to this day, wandering along the fog shrouded cliffs to hurl boulders down onto hapless ships which come too close to the shore. They take a childlike joy in watching them splinter into matchsticks and the doomed crew struggling in the fierce waves. Despite this, the Druids have power over the Giants and are able to goad them into lifting up and carrying boulders and monoliths for them to create rows or circles in order to measure the sun, moons, and stars. [2]

Greatest of all the Giants of Albion is Bologs and primitive, cave-dwelling tribes of Albion worship him, carving his image into the chalk hills of their land, brandishing his mighty chopper. Awesome in form though he is, in contrast Bologs' intellect is dim, even for a Giant of Albion with the only word he can say being his own name. [2]

The next greatest Giant in Albion is Cachtorr who is the twin of mighty Bologs. Unlike his brother he is able to understand the speech of the Druids and is more intelligent. [2]


One day Bologs spied a landing party of Elves upon the shore far below at the same time they noticed the Giant towering above them on the cliff top. The Elf leader shouted up to him in the tongue of the Druids of Albion, We come in peace! We seek only trade! On hearing words that he could not and did not understand, the Giant merely grinned and replied BOLOGS! before hurling down a great boulder, instantly flattening all the Elves. [2]

Cachtorr fought against the mighty Dong and, his mate, Mea-Dong, two great and terrible Giants from the far north of the Albion. This fight went on for several hundred years, mostly involved hurling huge boulders whenever the mist cleared long enough for one Giant to see their enemy. Wherever they plunged into the ground, they would remain as menhirs, marking out the territories of the feuding Giants. It is not stated who won..... [2]

Albion had remained shrouded in the dark mists of legend until the arrival of the renowned Tilean General, Curious Geasar, the first citizen of Remas. He had sailed to the island with his invincible army seeking fame and power in his home city by the conquest of misty and mysterious Albion which was said to be full of gold and pearls and even the treasure of the legendary Triton himself! However, as his galleys ploughed through the surging surf onto the shingle on the beach, he was confronted by Cachtorr and Bologs. They stood on the cliffs, hurling rocks down onto the ships, smashing them to pieces.[2]

His men were filled with understandable horror, refusing to wade ashore until Geasar heaved the army's pay chest over the side of the ship to land in the surf. It smashed and scattered the gold among toe pebbles and Geasar jumped ashore after it and the entire army did likewise until the pay chest was safe behind their battle line. [2]

Now ignoring the boulders of the Giants as they stepped over the dead, Geasar and his army marched up the beach. However, as they did so they were confronted by the savage tribes of Albion, more Giants and demented Druids uttering dire curses! Then it began to rain and the mercenaries under Geasar's command stubbornly refused to go any further! Their commander was enraged. How could he return home in triumph now? He needed some exotic booty to awe the multitudes so he could boast of the conquest of distant and mysterious Albion? [2]

Angrily Geasar strode forward, haranguing the savage tribesmen that stood before him. Oh foolish barbarians! I offer you all the benefits of civilization: roads, hot baths, money, public buildings and Tilean poetry. Submit and all these things can be yours! The tribes just glowered at him and then he heard a single word bellowed back at him out of the fog and driving rain: BOLOGS! The Giant's battle cry was quickly taken up by the tribesmen who banged their clubs and stone axes against their shields and the sides of their chariots and chanting Bologs, Bologs, Bologs! [2]

Geasar was dismayed but ordered his men to charge and the resulting battle was fiercely fought but neither side could claim victory. After a day's fighting, the mist-shrouded sun beginning to descend into the sea, the two utterly exhausted forces paused. Unable to win, Geasar tried one last gamble to save face to avoid having to travel back home empty handed and in humiliation. [2]

Once more Geasar strode forth and shouted a new offer: Give me Giants as hostages and I will go away. There were Druids who were familiar with the Tilean language from occasional contacts with merchants considered the offer. They were aware that their stone axes were no match for Tilean steel and so old Hengus volunteered to go and chose two smaller Giants to travel back to Remas with Geaser. However, a they strode forward, Geasar shouted, I want the big ones!, pointing to Cachtorr and Bologs. And so, despite protests from the tribesmen, the Druids sent forth the two mighty Giants to be hostages in Remas saving Albion from conquest and the tribes from enslavement or worse, the decadence of luxury and civilisation! [2]

Geasar managed to repair half his fleet and sailed away with his Giant hostages wading in the sea behind him, tied by anchor chains. As his ships arrived in Remas, word spread rapidly throughout the city but this was also the moment that Geasar's political opponents had waited for, hastily making their way to the harbour. Initially they gathered around the mighty conqueror as he came ashore, showering him with grovelling praises. However, this was merely to put him off guard and when he was surrounded, he was stabbed to death with many daggers with the cry Geasar is dead, long live the republic! [2]

The battered and seasick soldiers that had served Geaser now panicked and scattered, grabbing what gold they could in the ensuing confusion. One of them, out of spite against the city rather then pity for their plight then released Hengus from the hold and broke the chains that bound the Giants. Cachtorr and Bologs stormed ashore and went on a rampage through the streets of Remas, causing the citizens to flee in abject terror. After they had had their fun, the Giants with Hengus close behind moved into in open country, spreading fear and panic throughout Tilea. [2]

Since that day, Hengus and his Giants have lurked in the landscape, confused and lost, mostly seeking shade from the hot sun and pining for the fog of Albion. Various mercenary generals have sought them out to hire them as dogs of war and Hengus agrees to fight, each time hoping that the campaign will lead them near to the great ocean and ultimately to Albion. [2]



We've got the Bologs to beat anybody. [2]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition:: Hand Weapon. Includes Hengus, Bolgus and Cachtorr. Hengus: Oggum Staff.[2]
  • 6th Edition:: Hand Weapon. Includes Hengus, Bolgus and Cachtorr. Hengus: Oggum Staff.[1]
  • Oggum Staff: Provides power over Giants and protects the bearer from harm. [1]



I say! It was most unsporting. My fellows and I harried Ranoldo and his band of ruffians all the way to the Trantine hills. Then Ranoldo unleashed those horrid Albion Giants upon us, led by a rather hairy looking fellows. They smashed our line, squashed poor old Hoskins Hotshot, whilst shouting the loudest uncouth word I have ever heard. If those Giants are typical of that island, I for one am glad it remainins unexlored.

~ High Elf Lrd Daverion, Gentleman Mercenary General.[2]


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