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Giordano Paolo is the sixth and youngest son of the Prince of Luccini. [1a]


When the Pirate Captain Luka Silvaro was released to hunt down the Butcher Ship, he accompanied him, using the name Sesto Sciortini. The Reivers master-at-arms Roque Santiago Delia Fortuna noted with interest that his name Sesto meant the sixth born son, and Sciortini’ - a watchman or sentinel and that his signet ring was turned so it could not be read, however Captain Silvaro noted that everyone had secrets. [1a]

He sailed with the company for some time and his true identity was only revealed when they arrived at Aguilas‎‎ where he used his true name to convince the Marquis of the city state not to fire on the Reivers. [1b]


Well, you certainly. They would not dare hang me. What, and risk my father’s reprisal fleet?

~ Giordano Paolo to Luka Silvaro.[1b]


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