Giovanni Lanfranchi

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Giovanni Lanfranchi was a Prince of Tilea. [1a]


His home was the town of Monte Negro near Remas.

In the 15th century IC (Imperial Calendar) he mistakenly landed his crusading army on the northern coast of Nehekhara and plundered the ancient tombs in the city of Zandri, obtaining vast amounts of gold as well as scrolls dating back to time of Nagash. Lanfranchi then continued inland into Araby to join the main crusade.[1a]

Returning home, the prince translated the scrolls with the aid of the Priest of Morr Anton Aethelbert. Disturbed by their contents he used his enhanced fortunes to establish an order of elite Myrmidian Vampire hunters - the Priory of the Spear, founding their headquarters in his home town. [1a]

He was also an excellent and well known artist, creating such work as Myrmidia at the Tree of Hope which inspired Leonardo of Miragliano to paint his famous fresco ceiling for the temple to the goddess in Wurtbad. [1b]

His body was interned in the Priory fortress at Siegfriedhof. [1c]

Weapons and Equipment

In battle he used Donnacanto, a holy heavy rowen wood shafted spear tipped with a silver head. When the wielder charges, Donnacanto sings like a divine choir channelling the voice of the goddess and dispelling the fears of comrades nearby. [1c]


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