Gitmob Grots

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Gitmob Grots are a type of nasty, cowardly and cruel Grots that stalk the shadows, preying upon the weak to nick all their stuff. They prefer to pick on enemies they outnumber, use their numbers to take on larger foes and are specially found of ambushes. While fighting alongside orruk armies they let the brutes take the front while they sneak around to flank and backstab their foes. Their leaders are self-important grots who managed to cheat, deceive and betray to the top, with shamans falsely claiming they were chosen by Gorkamorka for greatness. Gitmobs have many war engines pulled together from scrap and their own murderous ingenuity.[1]



Image Unit Faction Grand
Doom Diver Catapult M01.jpg
Doom Diver Catapult Gitmob Grots Destruction Warscroll
Goblin M04.jpeg
Grot Gitmob Grots Destruction Warscroll
Rock Lobber M01.jpg
Grot Rock Lobber Gitmob Grots Destruction Warscroll
Goblin Shaman M01.jpeg
Grot Shaman Gitmob Grots Destruction Warscroll
Spear Chukka M01.jpg
Grot Spear Chukka Gitmob Grots Destruction Warscroll
Wolf Chariot M01.jpeg
Grot Wolf Chariot Gitmob Grots Destruction Warscroll
Wolf Rider M02.jpg
Grot Wolf Rider Gitmob Grots Destruction Warscroll
Nasty Skulker M01.jpg
Nasty Skulker Gitmob Grots Destruction Warscroll
Snotling M01.jpeg
Snotling Gitmob Grots Destruction Warscroll
Snotling Pump Wagon M02.jpg
Snotling Pump Wagon Gitmob Grots Destruction Warscroll


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