Death Stalker

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The Death Stalkers are Nighthaunt Malignants that are put together to hunt out and dispatch specific enemies and foes.[1a]

Cairn Wraiths

Only some of the most sick, twisted, and sadistic souls can descend into the underworld and become Cairn Wraiths . With their supreme willpower, they cling on to existence, and instead of fading away as shades like many others, they become these vicious spectres that cut down mortals with their vicious scythe. [1]

Glaivewraith Stalkers

The Glaivewrath Stalkers are the returned spirits of agile mounted hunters, brought back as one with their steed. With a lifetime of experience, as well as the inherent hatred of life that comes with being a Nighthaunt, they are peerless hunters. It's long blade will point at the heart of the victim, marking them for death. Though they drift slowly towards their quarry, it is inevitable that the wicked Glaive will one day pierce the heart of the victim. Those who realise a Glaivewraith is on their scent have managed to evade them for years, only to let their guard down for a second, with a cruel, animalistic visage being the last thing they see. [1]

The Glaivewraith, it comes for you.It follows you about.There’s no escape from what it will do.Old Bones has found you out.

~a lullaby from the Underworld of Lyria .[1b]

Grimghast Reapers

Grimghast Reapers are former scheming politicians, arch plotters and cool and collected killers, that were cursed to kill indiscriminately. They are wild and enraged spirits, swinging their scythes around blindly.[1][2]