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A Goblin

Goblins are an important part of the Greenskin hordes.

Description and Behavior

They are smaller than men and about as tall as Dwarfs, but wiry with have long, bony fingers with sharp claws. They have green skin, pointy ears, lots of sharp and pointy teeth, and red glowing eyes. They have unpleasant and shrill voices, and a childish and cruel sense of humour.

Goblins like to live in large groups and tend to be quite a cruel, sneaky, cowardly, and untrustworthy lot who like to attack with superiors numbers and, if possible, from a distance. As such they are good archers but rather poor fighters. They steal or loot anything they can from anyone and destroy anything they can't carry just for the fun of it.

They live in countless tribes, the majority mixed with Orcs. The Goblins are slaves and servants of their larger and stronger relatives. Some tribes are composed only of Goblins, led by an overbearing Goblin Boss. Some of the leaders become quite powerful, leading several tribes and the most successful among them even manage to lead their own Waaaghs!

The Goblins' tribes also have shamans. In some 'mixed tribes' the Orc leader can be influenced by a cunning shaman, who becomes the "power behind the throne".

Goblins like to trick and to deceive the larger but slow-witted Orcs. Usually they gamble (and cheat at it) or make unfair trades with their relatives. Usually they manage to pull it off but sometimes the enraged Orc will crush and perhaps eat the careless Goblin.

Goblins also fight amongst themselves, and being occasional cannibals, usually eat the loser.

They also suffer a complete lack of personal hygiene.

All Goblins fear Elves.


While "common" Goblins are the majority there are also some sub breeds, most of them of cultural nature.


Weapons & armour

Goblins like to ride on Wolves which they also use to pull their Chariots. They bear small shields and, sometimes, light armour and fight with various hand weapons and spears. While Goblins are not renowned for their ballistic skills they also make use of short bows and operate most, if not all, the artillery in the greenskin armies, including Rock Lobbas, Spear Chukkas, the mad Doom Diver Catapult and, rarely, even looted cannons.




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