Goblin Fire Kobold

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A fire-spitting Goblin Fire Kobold.

Fire Kobold's are Goblins native to the volcanic Red Cloud Mountains that lie south of the badlands and other volcanic regions around the globe. Although Fire Kobolds have a greenish skin tone, they are covered in patches of deep red or orange tones. In fact, at first glance they just look like Goblins which have some type of horrific skin disease, fungus infestation or blotches of red war paint covering them. Reports have suggested that these Goblinoids spit small wads of burning flame as a brutal and natural defence mechanism, though others have reported that they simply make extensive use of flaming arrows and weapons. At the same time, fire based weapons seem to have little or no effect at all on these Kobolds, which would suggest that their volcanic environment has had a profound effect on this particular species.