Goblin Troglagob

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A murky Goblin Troglagob.

Troglagobs are one of the most unusual types of Goblins. They dwell near the sea, making coastal raids against the Empire, Tilea and even raiding the shores of Ulthain and Lustria. Recently, many of these ocean dwelling Goblins have been sighted in Albion in great numbers, in the muddy souther tip of the island that has come to be known as Trogland.

Troglagobs can have greenish skin like their common Goblin cousins, though most tend to reflect a more sea-green tone such as turquoise or a similar blue-green colour. The hands and feet of a Troglagob are webbed like that of a frog, making them excellent swimmers with exceptional speed. Troglagobs actually have both gills and lungs, allowing them to breathe comfortably above or below water. However Troglagobs will not venture too far from their coastal habitat as they need to refresh themselves at least every few days, otherwise thwy may dry up and die. They have been known to coat their weapons in ichor from poisonous sea monsters, applying them to javelins which they hurl at enemies.