Gold Gryphons

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The Gold Gryphons is a famous Freeguild regiment from the city of Vindicarum.[1a]


Their regiment has its roots on the duelling fields of Azyrheim.[1a]

Since the realmgates of Azyr had opened, they quickly built a formidable reputation for steadfastness in the face of the enemy. [1a]

Notable Members


The regiment has grown much larger in size over the years and now its cohorts are the same size as a lesser regiment and are hired out on their own. [1a]

The Twelfth Cohort is equiped with large pavises - broad rectangular shields with firing slits that they copied from the duardin. [1b]


Twelfth Cohort is ready to march, my lord and lady - pike, shot and pavise. Whatever comes, whatever the ground, the Gold Gryphons will see Sigmar's will done.

~ Suhula Morguin.[1a]