Gor in the Mortal Realms

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Gors are a type of Beastmen, primarily part of the Brayherds faction, that inhabit the Mortal Realms and seek to destroy all civilisation in it.[1]


There are many rumoured origins to the Gors of the Mortal Realms. Some believe they are barbarian tribesmen transformed into beastmen by the power of Chaos, while other say they are natives of the Realm of Chaos that have invaded it together with Daemons of that realm.[1]


Gors can be found in the shadowed crags and gnarled woodlands at the most dangerous and dark corners of the Mortal Realms. They lay claim to these wild areas and, due to their territoriality, attack all who come close.[1]


Gors are crude and base creatures, slaves to their own brutish desires and have very little skill at crafting. All their warriors exist to kill, feast, rut and tear down civilised societies. Signs of civilisation, like culture, creates an intense revulsion, disgust and contempt in them, seeing such as only signs of weakness that must be torn down. They also have an intense hatred for weakness and feebleness, quickly devouring any gors that present such traits.[1]


As much as they worship and adore the Chaos Gods, the Gors also fear and hate them. The Bray-Shamans are the priests of the Gods amongst the beastmen, reading their desires in spilled innards, crude runes, omens and other signs, which are always violent. Then the Herd will seek a worthy victim and sacrificing them to the gods on their Herdstones, slitting their throats, tearing their hearts and string up their corpses.[1]


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