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Gorskull's War Trolls of the Grey Mountains are a mercenary regiment of Trolls. [1]

They are led by a unusually intelligent Troll, Gorskull Limbcrusher who is able to motivate and inspire them in battle as well as even read and write to some extent. [1]

Fer Hire. We ez Trollz. We woerk fer Chow! So Hire Uz. [1]


Their skin is a slimy green colour. [1]


Like all Trolls, their primary motivation is for food and Mercenary Generals are therefore able to hire them for for food and ale rather than gold, although their favourite is Halfling flesh. [1]


Gorskull was persuaded to join the warband of the Orc Chieftain Bogbad Borblood with the promise of a hundred barrels of ale as well as forty Goblins to devour. However when they reached his target of Parravon they found it far better prepared than anticpated and its knights drove off the invaders after a short battle. [1]

When Gorskull demanded payment, Bodgbad refused saying that the Trolls had not fought as heard as his lads and that the ale was only due on the successfull sacking of the town. An angry Gorskull ripped his head off and the other Orcs were impressed enough to follow him into battle, returning to raid the town. [1]

With a new understanding of working for hire, Gorskull led his fellow trolls across the Old World, reaching as far as Tilea and the Mountains of Mourn before finding employment with Ghazak Khan, the infamous Hobgoblin mercenary. They have enjoyed their time with him, finding many opportunities to pillage for rich ale and tender flesh. [1]

Warriors for Hire

The Warriors can be hired by any army except Dwarfs, High Elves and Wood Elves. [1]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Hand Weapon, Iron-spiked Pads. Gorskull has the Skull Mitt. [1]
  • Iron-spiked Pads Huge pads worn on the shoulder and chainmail wrapped fists allow them to parry enemy weapons. [1]
  • Skull Mitt: The Skull of Borblod is tied to his fist in battle giving more penetrating power to his strikes. [1]


I was out of gold and could not pay the rest of my men. Then the huge and foul smelling Troll, Goreskull. threw his heavy bag of gold at me with an angry grunt. The extra rations went to the Trolls in payment, and I used the gold to pay the rest of my men, preventing a riot.

~ Darius Cutthroat, Mercenary General. [1]


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