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Gorthor was the greatest Beast lord ever to have lived. Over one thousand years ago, his horde ravaged the Empire almost beyond recovery. His rune can still be seen carved into herdstones across the region. There have been many Beast lords who have united tribes into mighty invasions, but Gorthor was the greatest of his kind, for he possessed what so many others lacked: he had vision and the sheer animalistic will to sear it into the minds his followers.[1]

Gorthor claimed that the Dark Gods had selected him as their emissary. Though he had no true magical powers, he had something of the shaman about him, often being visited by nightmare visions of the future. Such was his fervour in battle that he was sometimes cloaked by coronas of dark energy, which protected him or struck out at his foes, a sure sign to other Beastmen that the gods truly favoured him. With strength of arm and animal cunning, he united all the tribes of the Middle Mountains. When Gorthor left the Mountains it was at the head of the largest horde of beasts ever seen. Gorthor rode in a mighty chariot driven by his trusted retainer Bagrar, ensuring that all his followers could see him, and that he would be the first to shed the blood of the foe. Gorthor's own warherd thundered along beside him in chariots of their own pulled by all manner of vicious and unsightly monstrosities bound to Gorthor's will, and behind them swarmed a seething ocean of horns and hatred. Millions of the cursed Men were killed and two entire provinces were brought to their knees. Centuries after Gorthor's death the Middle Mountains are still home to some of the most savage tribes in all the land. No army of Man dare enter the range, so terrible is the legacy of Gorthor the Beastlord.[1]



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