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Gossippa Lotta is a exiled Princess of Verezzo, courtier, diplomat and highly regarded advisor to several mercenary generals on campaign.[1]


Gossippa accompanied a variety of generals, providing much vital advice during their campaigns. She recorded her experiences along with various titbits of gossip and anecdotes. [1a]

She was in charge of the field kitchens at the siege of Ciarascura when unpaid mercenaries began to mutiny. She refused them food until the siege was over and crushed the rebellion.[1a]

Generals she served with included Borgio the Besieger, Sandro.[1a]

Before the battle of Venni she was asked to pose as Myrmidia for the painting of a regimental banner. [1a]

Later she wrote The Art of Statecraft - which would become a handbook for mercenary generals.[1a]


Of course we won the battle and so the general didn't mind me making little changes to his deployment. In the next battle, the general got it right and I didn't have to go and tell them all over again.

~Concerning the correct use of artillery from the Art of Statecraft.[1a]


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