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The Gotrek & Felix novels form a series telling the adventures of Gotrek Gurnisson, a Dwarf Slayer, and Felix Jaeger, his human companion. Gotrek is sworn to seek a glorious death in battle to atone for an unknown past sin; Felix, a well-off student poet fallen from grace, has has sworn to follow Gotrek and record his heroic exploits and death in an epic poem in gratitude for saving his life.

The first 7 novels of the series were written by William King. Nathan Long continued the series by writing books 8 - 12. Since then the series has become open with multiple authors contributing.


The series is comprised of the following books:

Front covers
Trollslayer (1st edition)
Skavenslayer (1st edition)
Daemonslayer (1st edition)
1st omnibus - hardback edition
Trollslayer (2nd edition)
Skavenslayer (2nd edition)
Daemonslayer (2nd edition)
Dragonslayer (1st edition)
Beastslayer (1st edition)
Vampireslayer (1st edition)
2nd omnibus - hardback edition
Dragonslayer (2nd edition)
Beastslayer (2nd edition)
Vampireslayer (2nd edition)
Giantslayer (1st Edition)
Orcslayer (1st Edition)
Manslayer (1st Edition)
Elfslayer (1st Edition)
Shamanslayer (1st Edition)
Zombieslayer (1st Edition)


  • Road of Skulls
  • City of the Damned

Short Stories

Most of the short stories are compiled in two anthologies Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology and Gotrek and Felix: Lost Tales

Audio Dramas

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Novel Summaries

by William King

  • Trollslayer: Gotrek and Felix first appeared in short stories within the pages of very early White Dwarf magazine. These shorts were gathered together and new ones were added to create Trollslayer, a compilation of seven short stories: Geheimnisnacht, Wolf Riders, The Dark Beneath the World, The Mark of Slaanesh, Blood and Darkness, The Mutant Master and Ulric's Children. Geheimnisnacht tells of how Gotrek and Felix encounter a Slaaneshi cult on the most evil-omened night of the year. Wolf Riders recounts their travels with the exiled people of Baron von Diehl in the Border Princes. In The Dark Beneath the World the duo venture into the caves beneath Karak Eight Peaks in search of gold and monsters. In The Mark of Slaanesh Gotrek temporarily loses most of his mental functions and Felix must contend with a Slaanesh-worshipping nobleman to cure him. Blood and Darkness tells of the pair's battles against a small army of beastmen led by a female Chaos Champion Justine and first introduces Katerina as a young girl. The Mutant Master tells of their confrontation with a would-be Chaos Sorcerer. In Ulric's Children Felix gets caught between the defenders of a forest bastion and a group attacking wolves while Gotrek gets left behind.
  • Skavenslayer: Gotrek and Felix have found employment in the Empire city of Nuln. However, the city is threatened by the plans of the Skaven, led by Grey Seer Thanquol. The duo must thwart various plots by the contending Skaven factions to keep the city, and themselves, safe. It is in this novel that the pair's long-time nemesis Grey Seer Thanquol first appears.
  • Daemonslayer: Gotrek is summoned by an old friend to accompany an airborne expedition into the Chaos Wastes. The expedition seeks the ruins of the ancient Dwarf-hold Karag Dum. This novel introduces four long-running characters: Dwarfen engineer Malakai Makaisson, Gotrek's fellow Slayer Snorri Nosebiter, powerful human wizard Maximillian Schreiber and Kislevite noblewoman Ulrika Magdova.
  • Dragonslayer: Having returned from the Chaos Wastes aboard the Spirit of Grungni, Gotrek, Felix, Snorri, Max and Ulrika join an expedition to find and kill an ancient dragon.
  • Beastslayer: When the armies of Chaos march south to invade the Old World, the city of Praag is the first they must take. In such an enormous siege Gotrek and Snorri hope to find their dooms - and Felix, Max and Ulrika just hope to stay alive.
  • Vampireslayer: Gotrek, Felix, Snorri, Max and Ulrika venture into vampire-haunted Sylvania with the aim of hunting down Vampire Lord Adolphus Krieger; a hunt that will have terrible consequences for them all.
  • Giantslayer: Separated from the last of their companions by a wormhole, Gotrek and Felix find themselves on the twisted isle of Albion, with threats aplenty to face. But this time, one of the Old World's most powerful heroes - Teclis of Ulthuan - is on their side.

by Nathan Long

  • Orcslayer: After venturing far from the Old World and being gone for years, Gotrek and Felix agrees to help an old friend retake an Orc-infested Dwarf hold. But something sinister seems to be controlling the Orcs, and soon the pair are caught up in their fiercest battle yet.
  • Manslayer: Gotrek and Felix return to the realms of man for the first time in decades. Reunions with Malakai Makaisson and Felix's brother Otto lead to an investigation into an insidious Chaos plot - and another, far more painful reunion with Ulrika.
  • Elfslayer: Gotrek and Felix join Max Schreiber - now an aged man and powerful wizard lord - on a venture to recover a devastating weapon of destruction from a Black Ark of the Dark Elves. However, they are not the only ones after the weapon, and soon the pair come face to face with an old nemesis.
  • Shamanslayer: Felix's past catches up to him when the original owners of his sword demand its return. In order to earn it back Gotrek and Felix find themselves on a quest into the most untamed parts of the Old World and come into conflict with an army of beastmen - and a reunion with Snorri turns out not to be as helpful as it should.
  • Zombieslayer: An evil necromancer is raising an army of the undead. Gotrek, Felix and Snorri must stand between him and the Empire lest all be lost.

Josh Reynolds

by David Guymer

Short Story Summaries

Citadel Miniatures

Games Workshop has created three sets of miniatures of the two heroes. The latest is a diorama, and includes Snorri Nosebiter, Maximilian Schreiber, and Ulrika.

Gotrek & Felix (4th edition)
Gotrek & Felix (new miniatures)
the diorama

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