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The Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson and his human companion Felix Jaeger

This article is about the heroic exploits of the two ever-wandering heroes. You may be searching for the novels: Gotrek & Felix (novel series).

Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaeger are two famous adventurers and heroes. Gotrek is an extremely powerful Slayer who travels through the Warhammer world seeking a heroic death. Felix is his traveling companion, having sworn an oath in Altdorf to record Gotrek's doom.

Together they have crushed groups of aggressive mutants, exposed many Chaos cults, fought against several warbands of Orcs and Goblins, and vanquished several hordes of Skaven, besides slaying powerful monsters like Trolls, a Dragon, a Bloodthirster and a Giant. They are also responsible for the sinking of a Black Ark.

After Gotrek and Felix parted ways, Felix published his memoirs, "My Travels with Gotrek".


  • Window Tax riots in the city of Altdorf; Gotrek rescues Felix from the Reiksguard, and Felix (half-drunk) swears an oath to accompany the Slayer on his travels[1a].
  • The two heroes fight against a certain Horned Man and travel through the plague pits of Altdorf[1b].
  • Encounter with Slaaneshi cultists in the Reikland Forest during Geheimnisnacht [1b].
  • Short stay at the city of Nuln; Faragrim tells Gotrek about a fabulous treasure located underneath Karak Eight Peaks [1d].
  • Battle against Goblins at Fort von Diehl in the Border Princes. Gotrek lost his left eye and Felix his first true love.[1c]
  • Expedition into the deeps under Karak Eight Peaks; Felix finds his magic sword Karaghul.[1d]
  • The two heroes decide to return to The Empire.
  • Skirmish with bandits near the ruins of Fort von Diehl [1e].
  • Gotrek temporally loses his memory; the two adventurers stop at Fredericksburg, a small town in the southern Empire [1e].
  • Defeating a female Champion of Khorne and her army of Beastmen.
  • Fight against a rather incompetent Chaos Sorcerer and creator of mutants.[1f]
  • Encounter with some Imperial aristocrats, secret followers of Tzeentch, and a female Werewolf in Midwinter.
  • 2499 - Saving Nuln from a Skaven invasion commanded by Grey Seer Thanquol[2] [8][9].
  • Travel inside the Spirit of Grugni, a Dwarf airship, to the city of Karak Dum in the Chaos Wastes.[3]
  • Defeating a Skaven expedition led by Grey Seer Thanquol in Kislev.[4]
  • Slaying a Dragon in the Worlds Edge Mountains.[4]
  • Enduring the Siege of Praag and defeating the army of Arek Daemonclaw.[5]
  • Hunting the Vampire Adolphus Krieger; losing Ulrika Magdova.[6]
  • Travel to the island of Albion, battling against Chaos Hordes, Orcs and a Giant with the help of Teclis.[7]
  • 2503 - Present at the magical resurrection of Mannfred von Carstein [10][11][12][13].
  • Gotrek decides to travel to the Far East.
  • Hunting a Yhetee to protect a village in the Dark Lands [14].
  • Arriving in Cathay.
  • Returning to the Old World and rescuing Karak Hirn.
  • Travelling from Nuln upon the Spirit of Grugni foiling a Chaos plot.
  • Meeting Felix's father and being imprisoned upon a Black Ark of the Dark Elves.
  • Destroying a Herd Stone (i.e. Chaos Monolith) and killing a Beastman Shaman, that tried to turn any human in the Reikwald into Beastmen [15]
  • Learning that they had acted as unwilling pawns of the Lichmaster Heinrich Kemmler, when they destroyed the Monolith and ending one of his devasting plots against the Empire of mankind. [16]

It's reported that Gotrek, Josef Bugman and Grombrindal appeared during a nearly lost battle in the ruins of Karak Varn where they saved the day for the Dwarfs. While celebrating the victory they swore that they would come back and save their Dwarf brothers again if there was real need. In this case the three heroes would fight like one and Gotrek and Josef would serve Grombrindal as shieldbearers. Because of the strong and individual character of each Dwarf Grombrindal's wisdom of age will not dominate the trio all the time: sometimes Josef Bugman may decide that it was time for a little break and a mug of ale to regenerate their energies, or Gotrek may run wild because of his unfulfilled slayer oath and start attacking the mightiest enemy he will find.[17]



Games Workshop has produced three different miniatures of Gotrek Gurnisson: Two for use in Tabletop-Games and a larger Collector's Miniature. For the 30th anniversary of White Dwarf magazine the special trio of Grombrindal, the White Dwarf, with Gotrek and Josef Bugman, serving as shieldbearers, was created by Aly Morrison as a Limited Edition miniature.