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Govannon was a famous Unberogen smith. [1a]


He had a son Bysen who worked with him in the forge. [1a]


Both he and his son had fought at the Battle of Black Fire Pass using their heavy hammers to smash down greenskins. However as victory was close, a huge Troll attacked their part of their line killing many and scattering others. Bysen and Govannon stood firm and drew others to their side but then the Troll vomited upon them, many being eaten alive by the acidic bile. [1a]

Govannon avoided most of it although some was splashed onto his helmet and as he pushed up his visor, it got into his eyes, leading to near blindness. [1a]

When the Dwarf Thunder Bringer was recovered, it was brought to the smith in the hope he would know what it was. Working together with Master Carpenter Holtwine, they began to discover its secrets. [2a] As the Undead threat continued to grow, Govannon begn to test the repaired Dwarf war machine with his son. [2b]

The undead surrounded Reikdorf and Alaric the Mad visited his smithy, finishing the sword he had not had time to finish and adding a few cutting and keeness Runes. He told Govannon that he had come to recover the baragdonnaz and the Dwarf was not at all happy at the bodge job he had made in trying to fix it, but when Govannon pointed out with the enemy at the gate, they needed the war machine. Reluctantly, Alaric agreed, but wanted to be nowhere near it when it was fired! [2c]


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