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The Great Mortis River (also known as the "River Mortis"Needs Citation) is the largest river to flow through Nehekhara, domain of the Tomb Kings of Khemri. It runs from the Worlds Edge Mountains, through the plains of central Nehekhara via the tomb city of Khemri and splits into a vast delta as it reaches the Great Ocean.[1a]


Prior to the fall of the Nehekharan civilisation, the river was known as the Great Vitae River. The great river was the source of life for the major cities of western Nehekhara. Trade ships plied the river, bringing the greatest wealth to Zandri on the coast, while the waters fertilised the land around it, creating viable arable land within a desert. Various cities and towns made use of this land and the crop was bountiful.[1a]

Nagash caused the Mortis Tarn, the river's source high in the Worlds Edge Mountains, to be poisoned. With the poisoning, the land withered and died, and its crops wilted and what was gathered was poisonous. Millions died in the year following Nagash's attack on the land of Nehekhara.[1b]

Another river joining to the Great Mortis River is known as the Ash River, originally known as the Golden River. It too flows from the Worlds Edge Mountains and meets the Great Mortis River east of Khemri. The land between the two rivers was extremely fertile, although after the attack by Nagash it is a dead wasteland.[1a]

There are three major cities on the Great Mortis River: Khemri, Numas and Zandri. These are each huge cities, built very early in the history of Nehekhara, previous to the end of Settra's first reign.[1c] Numas is located close to the source of the river, the Mortis Tarn; Khemri at the centre of the river, after the joining with the Ash River; and Zandri is next to the great delta region. The delta spans a huge area, at least one hundred miles square.[1a]

The Swamp of Terror was formed from the death waters of the Great Mortis River.[1a] It is located where the river turns into a delta, forming a large, pestilential area of stagnant water, attracting all manner of flying insects.Needs Citation

Very few traders sail down the river now. Most visitors are explorers from the Old World far to the north, seeking great treasures. They mostly come via the desert, using local camels and tribes to travel in relative safety. One of these explorers was Heinrich Johann, unfortunately lost and presumed dead.[1d]

Warhammer Online

So toxic is the Great Mortis as it reaches the Necropolis of Zandri that merely touching its waters is enough to poison - and quickly kill - any living thing. The Undead do not fear that fate, so the Quay of Seftu remains busy.[5]


The Great Mortis River appeared in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning’s Necropolis of Zandri zone, the key part of its The Land of the Dead expansion,[6] and currently features in the WAR private server Return of Reckoning as a PvP area.[5]



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