Great Unclean One

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Scabeiathrax, a Great Unclean One (Forge World)

Great Unclean Ones are Greater Daemons of Nurgle, the Lord of Decay. They appear as large bloated creatures, oozing pus and revealing diseased organs through their ragged skin. They are often accompanied by Nurglings, who gaggle about the Great Unclean One's feet, nibbling on whatever carrion he may discard as he advances. Great Unclean Ones carry immense rusty blades, capable of infecting whomever it slices. Often they also carry flails, made of rusty chains and skulls of those, who died through their diseases. The Daemon is despicably tough, from being both large in stature, as well as numb to pain through aeons of disease.

Great Unclean Ones spread pestilence and rot wherever they go, blistering the lungs of their foes and throwing disease about on a whim. These Greater Daemons are canny sorcerers and use dark magic to further spread the taint.

Known Great Unclean Ones


The leftmost model was created using miniatures from 3rd/4th Edition and doesn't conform to any rules, because Great Unclean Ones aren't allowed to ride on Chariots.