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A Grey Seer
This article is about the Skaven title. For the novel by C.L. Werner, see Grey Seer (Novel).

The Grey Seers are the prophets of the Horned Rat and proclaim his will for the Skaven. They are the prime agents of the Council of Thirteen, ruling council of all Skavendom. The most (in)famous Grey Seer is Thanquol, arch-enemy of the heroes Gotrek & Felix.


They act as ambassadors, envoys, intermediaries, and troubleshooters for the council and in its name advise, coerce, threaten, and - if it truly becomes necessary - murder and replace the leader of a Warlord Clan.

Any Skaven Warlord who refuses to obey the instructions of the council can be condemned and proclaimed as an heretic to the Horned Rat. This is just the sort of excuse that any rival Skaven clan awaits to declare a sacred war on the condemned and descend upon them.

The Grey Seers occupy a position of great power but are regarded with strong resentment and fear by many Skaven. As a result, they often disappear or suffer "accidents" when they aren't careful enough. A wise Grey Seer is more than a bit paranoid and will not think twice in ordering the murder of any rival or in sacrificing the lives of other Skaven.

Another important task of the Grey Seer is to preach of the Great Ascendancy, when Skavendom will rise as one and overwhelm the surface world enslaving over all other races.


There were 169 Grey Seers organised in the Order of the Grey Seers. Their leader, the venerable Seerlord Kritislik, was a very important member of the Council of Thirteen.


A potential recruit is marked by his white or grey fur, and many will die during their first years of life. Any aspiring candidate must present himself at the temple of the Horned Rat in Skavenblight. Within the temple he will face the Test of Death, by choosing among 13 doors. 12 of these doors will lead to the Chambers of Certain Doom and only one will lead into the Sanctum of the Horned Rat.

There he will find the Pillar of Commandments. The unwary may touch the pillar provoking his own doom, but the wise will abase himself. Only then will he be acknowledged as a Chosen by his new masters.

Afterwards he will be taught and indoctrinated, and also trained in the use of Warpstone.

Unlike the majority of Skaven which tend to have brown fur, the fur of a Grey Seer is grey or white. They also tend to live longer than an average Skaven. This is very likely a side-effect of having access to better food and living conditions, besides avoiding any kind of hard manual labour. It may be also a side-effect of using Warpstone to power their magical abilities. The Grey Seers may, in fact, be a Skaven sub-breed.





Oh my brothers, what need be said? We are the chosen of the Master, the true Lord of Decay, whose seat remains always-always filled upon the Council of Thirteen. Other seats may change hands, but His will always remains, and no-none other can lay claim to it. We speak His truths. We hear His thoughts. We know His purpose, We are the guides of our people, the spiritual compass that guides-leads them to their destinies as killer-masters of the World.

~ Skreelin Thurnitk, Grey Seer.[1]


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