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Titles God of Warriors
Domains War
Type Ancestor God
Affiliation Dwarfs
Relatives Valaya(wife)
Symbols A double-bladed axe

Grimnir the Fearless is the Ancestor God of the Dwarfs. He is a warrior god, the brother to Grungni and the patron of Slayers. [1a]

He protected the Dwarfs from their enemies and against the advice of his siblings went to close the ruptured warp gate and halt the incursion of Chaos, having shaven his head in a manner that Slayers subsequently emulated. [1a]


As the Dwarf civilisation began he fought off marauding Orcs, Giants and Trolls. Following the destruction of the polar warp gates, the Dwarfs had withdrew and re-emerging they discovered a land beset by Daemons which Grimnir quickly set about with his axes, leading the Dwarfs to clear the Worlds Edge Mountains. [2a]

A High Elf fleet commanded by Caledor Dragontamer was blown off course following a battle against Chaos warships. As the Elf lord pursued the remaining Daemons he encountered Grimnir and both were attacked by Beastmen uniting against them. They exchanged gifts, Grimnir recieiving the Crystal of Fire, which still remains in the Great Vault of Karaz-a-Karak. [2a]

Grungni's has a single son with his sister-wife Valaya, Morgrim, Ancestor God of Engineers and in -4420 IC [2b] he travelled with his father on his quest to close the warp gate. Together they slew the dragon Glammendrüng and Grimnir used its claw to craft new tattoos upon his body. Having feasted with northern dwarves, the pair faced the Daemon Prince and scion of Khorne, Kragen’ome’nanthal. Sorely wounded by the three day battle, Grimnir commanded his son to take his place as defender of the Dwarf’s and no more is known of what happened to him after he strode into the Chaos Wastes.


A powerfully built male dwarf in chain mail armour, his muscular body festooned with scars and tattoos, his remaining hair in an orange crest. He carries the great axe Dreugidum (Waraxe of Doom) [1a]


  • When ordered to do so by a superior, Always press home an attack. [1a]
  • Remain steadfast in defence. [1a]
  • Always assist a fallen comrade. [1a]
  • Keep possession of the battlefield, no matter how the conflict resolves. [1a]
  • Slay as many enemies of the dwarf race as possible. [1a]


All dwarf's in the Old World and Norsca worship Grimnir with the largest temple accessible by all dwarves being found in Karaz-a-Karak. There is an even larger temple at Karak Kadrin but this is only open to Slayers. Another great temple is in the part of Karak Eight Peaks not yet recovered by the Dwarf’s and cleansing it is a popular quest for Slayers [1a]

The cult is allied with those of the other members of the dwarf pantheon and respectful of that of Sigmar but has little to do with any others – it is hostile towards enemies of the Dwarf's. Any adult dwarf warrior or slayer may become a cleric of Grungni. [1a]

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