Grombold Kruddsson

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Grombold Kruddsson is a Dwarf Thane of Zhufbar. [1a]


Grombold spent much of his early years as a miner, often fighting Skaven in the lower levels of his home hold and usually leads other miners into battle. [1a]

After the veteran prospector Ruggi Redbeard failed to return from an expedition in search of a long-lost Gromril mine in the Howling Hills, his cousin Grombold swore an oath to find him and the mine. [1a]

Entering the Great Forest they were given leave to enter the lands of the local lord by a Roadwarden but the Dwarfs were suspicious that perhaps their kin had fallen prey to greedy manlings. However it soon became clear that it was the Grobi who were the true enemy as Forest Goblins attacked. [1a]

Grombold and half the force remained to repel the ambushers whilst Thane Snorri Stonebrow was sent ahead to complete the quest. By the time the Dwarfs reached the old mine, they were sadly depleted and reluctantly sent runners to a nearby Empire fort to ask for assistance. They then sealed themselves within the mine to clear out the enemy and free any kin they could find. [1a]

Trapped within the mine, the Dwarf force fought on but a crazed and fleeing dwarf prisoner showed them a way out but very few survived the goblins, Squigs and Trolls. However the runners had made contact with the Empire and a force of Knights of the Blazing Sun accompanied by Free Company, Flagellants and some state troops marched to their aid. Swarming out of the mine, the goblins ran into the empire vanguard. [2a]

As Grombold met with the Empire General, he dispatched five of his warriors to find and retrieve the mad Dwarf who had led them out of the mine. [2b] As a bloody victory was finally achieved, the dying Dwarf told the Thane that he had seen the Nemesis Crown in a cavern. [2c]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 7th Edition: Gromril Armour, Runic Mattock. [1a]
  • Runic Mattock: Passed down through his family it has a Master Rune of Swiftness and two Runes of Cleaving. [1a]


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