Grotfang Skab

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Grotfang Skab

Grotfang Skab was a Orc Warlord and leader of the Iron Claw tribe. [1a]


After a long and bloody war, his stronghold in the Border Princes was destroyed by a human army led by Margrave Frederik. He retreated with his remaining forces and prepared for a counter attack. [2a]

As a new human force under Rutgar, the son of Count of Wissenland took possession of his lands, Grotfang was persuaded by his Shaman, Oddgit that the Crown of Gork was hidden beneath one the old stone idols in his old stomping ground. [1a][2a]

Initially he dispatched Oddgitz to attempt a night raid to try and recover Crown. [2a] After observing the humans continuing to build up their fortification, he sent his new Shaman Dreg to enlist the Broken Toof, Crooked Claw and the Itchy Scabs tribes in his war telling Dreg to say there was a large quantity of gold hidden in the fort. [2b]

Sadly for Grotfang, Dreg only managed to enslist the Itchy Scabs who themselves got lost and camped near the border of the Rutgars camp and were then attacked by the humans. [2c] Finally he amassed all the orcs he could and attacked Rutgar's settlement directly, charging beneath the gaze of the Idols of Mork and Gork [2c] but was defeated at the Battle of Rutgarburg. [3a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Ed: Crown of Gork, Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Shield. Mounted on a Warboar. [2e]
  • Crown of Gork: A Orc Warlord who wears the crown is so filled with the power of the Gods that his followers do not fight amongst themselves. [2d]


"Y'know, I just bet dat if I could get me mitts on dat Crown, I could use all dat wild an' crazy magic wot's stored up in it to stick it to dem 'umanz and make da tribe dead powerful once more! Dat's it! Right, I wants it! I needz it! I gotz to 'av it! NOW!.

~ Grotfang to Oddgit. [1a]




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