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Titles God of Mining and Stoneworking
Domains Mining, Metalwork and Stonework
Type Ancestor God
Affiliation Dwarfs
Relatives Valaya(wife)
Symbols A mining pick or a stylised helmeted face with a forked beard.


Grungni was one of the three chief Ancestor Gods of the Dwarfs alongside Grimnir, his brother, and Valaya, his wife, of the World-that-was.[1a]

Grungni is the god of mining, metal work and stonework and the primary god of the dwarf pantheon. The crafter of many important artefacts, he taught the dwarf's all the skills for which they are rightly famed. When Chaos arose as a power, it was Grungni who brought them into the safety of the earth and later led armies of them against Chaos. [1a]

Grungni's sons with his sister-wife Valaya are Smednir, the Shaper of Ore, and Thungni, Ancestor God of Runesmiths.[1a]


Grungni is Groong-nee. [2]


A chain-mail clad male dwarf, his iron-grey coloured beard forked and reaching to his feet. He carries either a mining pick or his warhammer Drongrundum (Thunderhammer)[1a]


  • Always look to advance the clan’s reputation through good solid craftsmanship.[1a]
  • Always Ensure chambers and tunnels are solid. [1a]
  • If a structure is unsafe, render repair upon it. [1a]
  • Always extract all valuable stone and ore from a mine. [1a]
  • Never be wasteful of the minerals of the world. [1a]
  • Never surrender to Goblins or their kind. [1a]
  • Never refuse the opportunity to retake a Dwarf hold that has fallen to enemies. [1a]
  • Never miss the chance to slay Chaos Dwarfs who bring dishonour and shame to the race by their existence. [1a]


All dwarf's in the Old World and Norsca worship Grungni with the largest temple being found in Karak Azul, although the High Temple and the centre of his worship is at Karaz-a-Karak. In the various holds, the temple is normally adjacent to the Audience Hall, decorated lavishly with carvings of myths from ancient times whilst in human cities they are usually created underneath the Engineers Guildhall. [1a]

The cult is allied with both that of Sigmar and those of the other members of the dwarf pantheon, they are neutral towards most human cults and feel antipathy towards the gods of the Elves. Hostile towards enemies of the Dwarf's. Any adult dwarf may become a cleric of Grungni, his clerics wear dark grey robes with a silver or black pick across the chest. Major festivals are held every hundred days and there are nine lesser festivals between the major ones, every ten days. [1a]

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