Grungni in the Mortal Realms

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Grungni in Spear of Shadows.png
Titles The Builder[2]
Domains Smithing
Type God
Status Active
Home First Smitty
Relatives Grimnir(brother)
Affiliation Order
Followers Dispossessed

For Grungni in the World-That-Was see: Grungni in the World-That-Was.

Grungni is the god of the Duardin in the Mortal Realms.


Age of Myth

Grungni, now crippled in form, was found by Sigmar chained, with Grimnir, on the highest summit of the Iron Mountains. Both gods wouldn't speak of how they got there, but both pledged oaths to repay their debts to him. Grungni was a master of metalcraft and the forgefather of his race so he settled his debt by offering to fabricate whatever Sigmar desired.[1a]

Grungni taught mankind metalcraft and gathered the Duardin and established the Iron Karak.[1a][1b]

Age of Chaos

Grungni sensed Sigmar's intention of freeing the other realms from the tyranny of chaos so he gave him the servitude of the Six Smiths and captured the Winds Celestial to make comet-headed thunderbolts that allowed Sigmar to cast bolts from the heavens.[1c]

Age of Sigmar

He dispatched adventurers to search for the Eight Lamentations.[2]


Grungni takes the shape of a duardin the size of a ogor, dressed in a stained, much-patched smock over his bare torso. He had thick arms and bandy legs that supported his bulk. He reminded Owain Volker of the great statues the Dispossessed has carved beneath the city.[2]


The God teaches those who wish to learn the art and craft of smiting and in the First Smithy can be found Duardin, Human, Aelf, even a few Ogors, welcoming all who seek to shape metal, only barring an obvious few. Like many of the great powers he has a network that spans the realms.[2]

He has many apprentices, amongst those are:


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