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Grunhilda is the Fyreslayer Hearthwife to Auric Runefather Bael-Grimnir of the powerful Vostarg Lodge. [1a]

Like most fyreslayers she is strong with ur-gold runes pressed into her flesh.[1a]

She has been the wife of the Runefather for many years and has given him plenty of children but none have yet met his eacting standards as heir to the throne. However not long after the Necroquake struck the Mortal Realms, she had a daughter which the couple are sure will be the next ruler of the lodge. [1a]

Grunhilda is able to easily read his moods.[1a]


I mean it Bael. This could be the one. Your true heir. I had a dream. Grimnir told me as much

~Grunhilda to ­Bael-Grimnir.[1]