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The Chainguard are Malignants controlled by a Guardian of Souls, these hosts of Chainrasp Hordes are frequently used to hold the centerline of a Nighthaunt army, engaging larger and powerful enemy units, relying on the Guardian to constantly reform them.[1a]


The Chainrasp Hordes are some of the most base and pathetic Nighthaunt. They are the spirits of people who, in life, were bound in chains. In the afterlife, they gain no respite from this eternal imprisonment, destined to always grasp for a non-existent light, battering and grabbing at their surroundings to do so. Held together by the arcane power and spite of Nagash and this hatred forces them into a profound and self consuming madness that is especially potent when they gather together, sapping their victims will. [1]

Champions of such hordes are known as Dreadwardens and they bear candles which act as beacons to the tormented horde as they chase the light they believe leads to freedom. However the candle is in fact part of their binding. [1]

Weapons will not hurt a Chainrasp, but their spiked clubs and rusted blade will easily damage the flesh of the living.[2]

Guardians of Souls

A Chainguard not only holds vigil over the dead but will also drive other spirits to the heights of malice. The living dead are drawn to their lantern's flame when they go to war. They carry a Nightmare Lantern which has the light of Nagashizzar bound within it which invigorates the dark souls of any Nighthaunts it illuminates. [3]