Gulgaz Stoneklaw

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Gulgaz Stoneclaw

Gulgaz Stoneklaw is a commander of the Stoneklaw's Gutstompas, composed of Grots and Orruk from all tribes, specially Ironjawz Orruks, Spiderfang Grots and Moonclan Grots, with the objective of conquering the Mortal Realms.[1]

In the Time of Tribulations the Gutsompa's had grown to include many ogors and gargants and he lead them across the Flamescar Plateau, hacking their way through a variety of opposing armies. Yet when he reached the edge there were no more enemies and the horde paused, growing fractious and it was only when he slew Moggo-moggo, a Wurrgog Prophet that he opened a portal to the Realm of Shyish and the war he sought.[2]


On his left shoulder is mounted the severed head of his Gorka-boss Urgak and on the right that of his Morka-boss Skiga - who on occasion will speak to him.[2]