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Gut magic, also called Gastromancy, is the form of magic used by the ogre shamans known as Butchers and Slaughter-Masters. [1a]

It is also called Corpomancy, Shamanic Victuals and Thaumphagy.[1a]

Gut magic simply relies on the caster consuming the correct ingredients and communing with Great Maw. The need to consume the offering to their god is why Butchers appear to resemble walking larders. Depending on the spell, they may need to consume a stinking pile of rancid guts or a healty blood filled heart.[1a]

If the Great Maw finds them worthy of its blessing it will give the caster and those in proximity to him or her some very powerful effects, though if the caster is unworthy the incantation will produce some less-than-satisfactory results, whether it be completely consuming the caster from inside out to some very powerful flatulence that even Nurgle would be impressed by. [1a]

Gut Magic does not directly manipulate the Winds of Magic but instead calls upon the power of the maw directly to channel it through the focus. [1a]


  • Bloodgruel: The Butcher sucks all the fluid, marrow and blood from a disembodied limb to heal himself.[1a]
  • Bonecruncher: Crunching painfully through dry bones, the Butcher spits a bloody curse at his enemy, breaking their bones. [1a]
  • Braingobbler: Devouring the brains from a severed head, the Butcher can project the worst nightmares from the victims brain into those of his foes. [1a]
  • Bullgorger: Feasting on the heart of a bull Rhinox, the Butcher grants himself and nearby Ogres greater strength. [1a]
  • Toothcracker: Grinding through a hunk of bedrock, he grants himself and nearby Ogres greater resisliance. [1a]
  • Trollguts: Eating the guts of a Stone Troll, he drains its regenerative ability into himself and nearby ogres. [1a]


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