Hag of the Brackenwalsch

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The Hags of the Brackenwalsch were a line of witches who guided the Unberogen tribe in the Time of Legends. [1a]

In the time of Sigmar, the Hags name was Gráinne, although no one had called her that in many years. [2c]


King Björn consulted her on a number of occasions bringing sacrificial offerings to the god or gods, such as a bulls heart for Morr. She told him that his son Sigmar was threatened by the powers of darkness and that to save him, and the world, he must make a sacred vow to her to obey her when she asked - which he agreed. [1a]

She visited King Marbad of the Endals who she told - When you see the silver hand lift the crimson banner high you will ride with all your strength to Sigmar's side and grant him your most precious possession. The Hag assured him he would save the race of man by this act but would himself die. [1f]

She later told Gerreon to: Be the peacemaker...hold to your vengeance, but cloak it with friendship. Remember, Gerreon of the Unberogen...the red hand and the wounded sword. [1c]

The night before a battle against the Norsii, her soul visited King Björn in his tent who told him his son was going to be attacked by a trusted friend and that to save him he must meet the warlord of the Norse host in battle. [1d]

In -4 IC she visited Sigmar telling him that he must unite all the tribes before the first snows or all that he had created would be destroyed by the coming Orc invasion and he would be killed. She further stated that he must travel alone to gain the allegiance of the south-eastern tribes and he would do so with courage rather than by conquest. [1e]

The night after Sigmar was crowned Emperor, she came to him once more giving him unwanted advice - that he should not seek to replace his new crown and not to let Myrsa die before his time. [2a]

She watched the deeds of Sigmar, but when the Necromancer Morath awoke in the Middle Mountains, her powers faded and failed and the ravages of time began to weigh heavily upon her. [2b] In the depths of the marsh, she was found by Azazel [2c] and Kar Odacen who killed her with the triple death - slitting her throat, smashing her skull and pushing her into the marsh to drown. [2d]


It was my kind that protected you when plague came to your lands. It was my kind that warned you of the great beast of the Howling Hills. Thanks to me, you have prospered, and the Unberogen are now numbered among the mightiest tribes of the west

~ The Hag to Björn. [1a]

There has always been a hag woman dwelling in the Brackenwalsch, and there always will be. We are part of the world as much as the tribes of men and their towns. The power we tap into is dangerous; it can twist the hearts of even the noblest person, turning them into a creature of darkness. We use this power so others do not have to. It is a lonely life, yes, but the race of man is not meant to wield such powers, no matter what others might one day decide, for man is too weak to resist its temptations.

~ The old Hag to a child, soon to be a Hag. [1b]