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The Halosphere is an self-enclosed globe of reality that was the mystical boundary that both powered and imprisoned the energies of the land known as Thousand Portals. The Cosmic Gate rested within this place, a door to the heart of the Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeentch, that could be seen in the distance of this place.[1]

Thousand Portals

The Thousand Portals was a landscape of polygonal hills and valleys curving upwards to form the inner surface of the Halosphere, covered in walls and towers of many-coloured crystals and when light of the eight chaos stars at it centers touched it, it created bridges of rainbow, shadow gates and half-seen castles of chromatic power. When those eight stars were aligned it would open the Cosmic Gate that lead to the heart of Tzeentch's Domain, which this land had once been a outer bastion. In fact Tzeentch's domain could be seen in the far distance of this place.[1]