Hamilcar Bear-Eater

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Hamilcar Bear-Eater is a Lord-Castellant of the Beast-Bane Warrior Chamber of the Astral Templars Stormhost [1]


He is a huge man with thick red hair and beard, his face tattooed and his teeth painted black. Sacred beasts are depicted on his armour in stick figures whilst a cloak of Carthic bear skin is draped over one shoulder. He is also known for his uncanny resemblance to Sigmar. He is accompanied by the gryph-hound Crow. [1][2]


He and a dozen Stormcast pursued Mannfred von Carstein across the Sea of Bones following the fall of the cities of the Carthic Oldwoods to the forces of the vampire and the Ironjawz Megaboss The Great Red. In the final battle for the area, Mannfred had defeated and slain Hamilcar but reforged, he led a force to defeat Mannfred and the Megaboss, aided by the Mortarch, Arkhan and his own Undead army. [1]

Crossing the sea he arrived at the kingdom of Jercho, welcomed initially by General Sarmiel el Talamé but when he reached the capital he and his Stormcast were attacked by the warriors of Joraad el Ranoon the Sun-king ruler of Jercho. It was revealed that Mannfred had turned him against the wariors of Sigmar and several of the nobility were now vampires, but these were, along with the king were slain and the kingdom claimed for Sigmar. [1]


I claim the city of Jercho for Sigmar. The fewer of its people I have to kill, the greater will be his prize.