Harvestboon Glade

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Harvestboon Glade are the youngest glade of Sylvaneth, even the eldest amongst them only podborn during the Age of Chaos. In colour they are often bright and vibrant, echoing the hues of a new dawn. [1]


Aggressive and warlike, the Harvestboon Glade came into being during the Age of Chaos and are renowned for their spellcraft as well as the power and beauty of their songs, especially those of their regent – the Willowqueen.[1]

All nine clans of the glade successfully besieged the Foulspine, a mighty Dreadhold in the Realm of Ghyran, impaling its ruler, Purus the Rotlord on the thorn strewn battlements. [1]

Known Clans

Harvestboon can only muster nine clans at the beginning of the Age of Sigmar[1]



New Shoots grow the swiftest when the fires have passed, and with them grows a hope that long was lost.

~ Harvestboon Glade.[1]