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Darkoath Chieftain M01.jpg

Hathrek is a Darkoath Chieftain of the Gadalhor.[1]


He is tall and heavily muscled, clad in barbarous finery, his head surmounted by a mohawk of raven-black hair. His flesh has many strange tattoos that swirl across his bare flesh, and he wields a huge longsword. [1]


The tribe of the chieftain was fighting and loosing against beastmen and orruks before his shaman told him to travel to the Silver tower to find the power to protect his people. [1]

He encountered and joined Vargi Sornsson, a Fyreslayer Doomseeker of the Volturung Lodge, Masudro Yaleh, a Excelsior Warpriest of Sigmar and Avanius, a Knight-Questor of the Hallowed Knights.[1]

Before the meeting he had never seen a Stormcast Eternal or a Fyreslayer. [1]


Stop, you fools! We’re surrounded by enemies beyond count, by dangers untold, and you want to fight me? The only damned Chaos worshipper to walk the halls of the tower who cares not about seeing you dead?

~ Hathrek .[1]