Heartwood Glade

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Heartwood Glade are the Sylvaneth worshippers of the hunter god, Kurnoth and welcomed the appearance of the Kurnoth Hunters, they are often first to heed the call to war. Sylvaneth of Heartwood are often a fulsome green with a glittering blue sigils.[1]


Like the Oakenbrow Glade, they were sown by Alarielle in the Age of Myth and the traditions that have formed since then are upheld and guarded. Whilst they are suspicious of strangers or new concepts, they are also seekers of knowledge, especially with regard to the arcane.[1]

Early in the Age of Chaos the glade lost Verdantia in the Realm of Ghur to the minions of Tzeentch. However with the Seraphon at their side and over the course of a decade, the glade took it back, but reduced to nothing more than glittering rubble.[1]

Known Clans

  • House Il’leath: They are part of Brocelann, a Wyldwood. Its spiritual centre is the Evergreen, the Heartglade, a clearing at peak of the woods uplands and in turn at its centre is the Kingstree where the noble families gather in council and muster wargroves.[2]



None braver are there, and none more true. Never was a name more apt, for they are the surging heartwood of their race entire

~ Heartwood Glade. [1]