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Hekhmenukep was a Priest King of the city of Lybaras in Nehekhara. [1a]


Tall and extremely thin with narrow shoulders, he wore a dun-coloured kilt, a dark brown cape and a gold chain with glass discs depending from it. [1a]


In -1750 IC, He and his ally, King Rakh-amn-hotep of Rasetra went to war against the usurper king of Khemri, Nagash. They marched through the Valley of Kings, attempting to reach the Gates of the Dawn before Quatar could intercept them. [1a]King Nemuhareb however led his Tomb Guard to block them, initally clashing with the advance guard of light horsemen and driving them back before the Battle at the Gates of the Dawn truely began. [1b] The Lizard drawn chariots of Rasetra and the Tomb Scorpions of Lybaras destroyed the enemy army and cut off from the retreating remnants, the king of Quatar surrendered to the allied kings. [1c]

In -1744 IC he and his war machines joined Rakh-amn-hotep as he mustered every warrior he could as well as jungle beasts and they marched on Khemri. [1d]

At the 2nd Battle at the Springs of Eternal Life the two kings defeated a much larger army of Khemri, Numas and Zandri only to discover that that the Usurper had filled the once silvery water of the Springs with rotting corpses, covering it with a scum of corruption and foulness. The airship they were travelling on was then attacked by a swarm of locusts under the control of Nagash and his immortals, causing it to crash to the ground. [1e]

Both kings survived the crash, although the Lybaran king suffered a punctured lung from broken ribs. Wearily, Rakh-amn-hotep ordered the retreat once more, trying to reach Quatar before they all died of thirst. [1f]


Tahoth teaches us that the gifts of creation are hidden in the world around us. If we are clever, we can uncover their mysteries and claim them for our own. In this way, we honour the gods.

~ Hekhmenukep.[1a]


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