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Hellebron after rejuvenation

Hellebron is the second-oldest of the Hag Queens, leaders of the Witch Elves. [5a]

Cult of Khaine

Being the leader of the cult of Khaine, Lord of Murder, she is also the ruler of Har Ganeth [1a]. She was born in Athel Toralien, a city made by the elven colonists on Elthin Arvan (the Old World). She is the oldest child of Alandrian, one of Malekith's lieutenants as well as ruler of Athel Toralien.[2][3]

Hellebron leads the rites of Khaine and can inspire killing fervour in nearby Dark elves, not just Witch Elves. [6a]


She has a bitter rivalry with Morathi, the first and oldest bride of Khaine, who forbids her to take the ritual annual bath in the first Cauldron of Blood during Death Night. Morathi claims that the Cauldron of Battle is a personal gift to her from Khaine himself [4a]

As a consequence Hellebron is forced to bathe herself in other and arguably lesser cauldrons. Despite a yearly increasing amount of blood the rejuvenating effects last less and less time forcing Hellebron to spend many long months as an old and ugly crone while Morathi remains young and beautiful as ever. This personal affront only inflames the personal rivalry between the two even further. [6a]

Morathi has the loyalty of many priestesses and her control over the Cauldron of Blood gives her great influence over the Hag Queens. Hellebron tried once [1b] to free herself of Morathi's leash by refusing to take an annual ritual bath. However the pressure of her ageing was over-whelming, forcing her to survive on the sacrificed blood of her own followers. She didn't refuse the bath on the following year, or ever since.

She is adamant on the persecution and destruction of all Chaos cults and seems to suspect [4b] that Morathi is somehow involved in some of them.

Skills and Powers

She is unmatched in martial ability by any other Hag, even Morathi. A single word from her can reopen old wounds, and a light touch kill. [6a]


Despite everything Hellebron is feared, respected and not idly trifled with, being the high priestess of the cult of Khaine, the most important religion of Naggaroth. She may very well be the third most important person of the entire kingdom.

Weapons and Equipment

  • 4th Edition: Amulet of Fire, Deathsword, Light Armour and the Parrying Blade, she rides into battle on a Manticore. [5a]
  • 7th Edition: Amulet of Dark Fire, Cursed Blade and the Deathsword. She may accompany a Cauldron of Blood[1a]
  • 8th Edition: Amulet of Dark Fire, Cursed Blade and the Deathsword. [6a]
  • Amulet of Fire: Spells cast against the wearer may be dispelled. [5a]
  • Amulet of Dark Fire: Spells cast against the wearer may be dispelled. [6a]
  • Deathsword: A long black sword whose tips leaves a red trail in the air and delivers incredably powerful blows. [5a]
  • Parrying Blade: Blocks an enemy strike. [5a]


Now let us drink from the crimson cup so that our lord's desires may be our desires, his appetites are our appetites, his thirst our thirst. Let us glory in the destruction we create in his name.

~ Hellebron on Death Night.[4a]




In the 4th Edition Army book, the power of the single Cauldron of Blood could only regenerate her youth and beauty for part of the year. [5a]


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