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Hergig is the capital of Hochland, as well its largest city. It is the home of Aldebrand Ludenhof.[1a][1b][1c] It is located on the border between Hochland and Ostland, on a tributary of the River Talabec.[2]

Notable Features

  • Hergig is dominated by a mighty central keep, the seat of the Ludenhofs.[1c]
  • The Hochland College of Sorcery is a licensed school of magic similar to the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf.[1c]
  • The Gate of the East Bridge was the site of some battles between Hochland and expansionist counts of Ostland.[1c]
  • Hergig is surrounded by a few small towns as well as some quarries.[1b][1c]
  • Aldebrand Ludenhof also has a palace in prime hunting grounds outside Hergig.[3]