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The Hermdar lodge emblem

The Hermdar Lodge is a Fyreslayer lodge noted for its hatred of tyranny and Chaos.[1]



The Hermdar are descended from the Grymdar first-forged Lodge.[1a]

During the Age of Chaos, the Grymdar's magmahold of Karadrum was taken by the armies of Chaos and its Runefather was slain. The refugees chose a new leader named Hermdar-Grimnir, who was the greatest Karl among them. He led them to retake their lost kingdom, slaying every one of the Skaven and Chaotic enslavers who had destroyed it. Damaged beyond repair by the fighting, Hermdar-Grimnir ordered the mountain buried under magma.

Then they travelled to the Adamantine Chain and founded the Hermdar Lodge.[1a]

At the fires of those peaks that they discovered the secret of blending Fyresteel so that it never losses the heat of its first forging.[1a]

The lodge played a vital role in preserving the freedom of the people of Aqshy.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

They destroyed the prison fortress of Blackiron while also embarking upon the grueling Cracked Plain campaign to end the gut-tyranny of Thogbrute for shockingly low payment. Among the tribes near the Adamantine Chain they become known as the Slayers of Tyrants.[1b]