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Hexoatl, the City of the Sun, is the most northerly temple-city in Lustria

It is located on the Isthmus of Pahuax. As such it is the first line of defence against armies invading Lustria from the north.[1e] It is the most martial temple-city, defended with high walls and surrounded by an energy shield.[1d][1e]

Although Itza is probably the 'capital' of the Lizardmen empire, Hexoatl has become more important as it is the home of Lord Mazdamundi, the most active Slann alive today.[1e] A sign of this importance is that the Lost Plaques, although discovered by Ten-Zlati, the Oracle of Kroak, were delivered to Hexoatl instead of Itza.[1a][1b]


In 1944 IC the pirate lord El Cadavo made his third attempt to reach the Obsidian Column in the jungles to the south of the city. Lord Mazdamundi sent a force to ambush the raiders as they left the area with wagons loaded with treasure and although El Cadavo himself escaped, the skeletons of most of his pirates still hang from the column. [2a]

The most recent attack on Hexoatl was the Siege of Hexoatl by Vashnaar the Tormentor in 2522 IC, which saw the largest battle fought by the Lizardmen in more than a thousand years.[1b][1c][1d]

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