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A brutal Hill Goblin.

Hill Goblins, also known as Great Goblins, are a particularly large breed of Goblinoid native to the grassy hills of the Badlands.

South of the Empire, across the shores of Tilea and the Border Princes, lies a barren plain of hills and grasslands at the very edge of the Badlands. It is in this deserted region where the largest Goblins can be found. Generally reckoned as Hill Goblins, but also known as Great Goblins, these Goblinoids are larger than ordinary Goblins, more aggressive and can be as strong as a common Orc. The skin tone of a Hill Goblin is much darker than that of a common Goblin, with some shades even resembling that of a Black Orcs hide.

Being much more brutal and ambitious than their lesser cousins, these Great Goblins enjoy fighting almost as much as orcs do and will occasionaly sell their services as mercenaries to armies that will put up with them. Wrestling and brawling are favoured leisure activities for these hulking goblins and they enjoy nothing more than bullying around their smaller Goblin cousins, although if in the prescence of other powerful Greenskins such as Orcs and Hobgoblins they will show less animosity. Even Hill Goblins know their place and will avoid getting into a brawl with an Orc!


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