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As in the World-That-Was, Humans are the most widespread race of the Mortal Realms.


Millions of humans were born from the souls that circled Mallus and were given new life a the beginning of the Age of Myth.[1] Others were already there when Sigmar explored them, but it's still unknown how they came to life.

During the Age of Myth, humans developed thousands of different societies around the Realms, spanning from primitive tribes to cities or even empires. Sigmar taught mankind many things and they started worshipping him. During thousands of years, great cities rose, but Chaos secretly spread as well, until the Age of Chaos begun. This new age brought death and destruction upon the Realms. Many civilisations were annihilated, but many others fled to Azyr before Sigmar closed its Gates. During this century Sigmar took many of mankind's heroes from the Mortal Realms and reforged them into Stormcast Eternals.[2][3][10]

After five centuries of Age of Chaos and about a century of Realmgate Wars, the forces of Order freed enough areas of the Mortal Realms to permit repopulation. Cities of Sigmar were created, where humans lived among other races.[3]

Known human nations, cities and groups


The Realm of Fire is famous for the vitriolic nature of its people. In prehistoric times, clans and tribes used any excuse to declare war to one another. Sigmar taught them how to channel heir extreme emotions through competition and regulated conflict. These traits are also the reason Khorne's adoration spread so easily during the Age of Chaos. Most human civilisations are now located in the Great Parch, the central zone of Aqshy.




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