Ibkikk Snatchclaw

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Ibkikk Snatchclaw was a Skaven Warlord of Clan Skab who ruled Skabreach. [1a]

He wore armour made from human shields. [1a]


He had welcomed the Grey Seer Thanquol, who had just survived the sea voyage for Lustria to his minor burrow-settlement in Estalia in the hope he could deal with the local knights who patrolled the area. Unfortunately, the Seer was only interested in recovering his strength and travelling on to Skavenblight. Angered, he confronted Thanqoul at the docks and was incinerated by him. [1a]


Mighty Grey Seer Thanquol! We-we feed-treat you for many day-night! Now you-you return-pay! You kill-slay steel-men! Or I gut-stab you and let-leave rats to eat-feast.!

~last words of Ibkikk Snatchclaw .[1a]