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The Idoneth Deepkin are a faction of Aelven raiders who live deep beneath the oceans of the Mortal Realms.[1]


During the last days of the World-that-was, Slaanesh glutted himself on countless aelven souls. The last he consumed were those who worshipped Mathlann, for they had hidden themselves well from his sight.[1]

During the Age of Myth, the new aelven gods Tyrion, Teclis and Malerion, aided by Morathi's knowledge[2], captured Slaanesh and began to extract the half-devoured souls from his stomach. The children of Mathlann emerged first, then Teclis claimed their souls as his own and remade them as the Cythai- the Awakened.[1] Teclis wished to make the Cythai the greatest of the aelven races, the most noble and pure of their kind. In Hysh, he built a great city for them and taught them powerful magic. Yet something was amiss, for his creations grew fractious and withdrawn, becoming resentful to his tutelage. Teclis gazed into their souls and instead of light he found a shadow that even he could not penetrate. Weaving great spells, Teclis shone a bright light of truth upon the Cythai to reveal their secrets. Some collapsed into madness, the rest - fearful for their lives - fled to the sea.[1]

They named themselves Idoneth (a name meaning "extreme seclusion") and hid deep beneath the oceans, protected by arcane spells and far from the temptation of the realms, then they began to form new civilizations. Yet the Idoneth had suspected their souls were contaminated. When the first aelf children were born the curse was realised: barely one in every hundred newborn aelves survived past infancy. Those with the spirit-sight could see their progeny were born with swiftly withering souls; as a consequence their lives were cut tragically short. The Idoneth desperately sought a cure as their race declined and, in time, they found one. By capturing the soul essence of another creature, they could sustain the lives of these Namarti, if only for a short while. Those among the Idoneth born with souls - the Isharann and Akhelian - looked at their kin and wept. The survival of their race depended on the souls of others.[1]

Over time the Idoneth tried many arcane ways to sustain, cure or heal those damned with withering souls, and began experimenting with drawing the souls from deep sea beasts and impanting them in the afflicted but quickly discoverd that these would only last days. Human, orruk , duardin or sylvaneth souls proved more powerful but it still took as many as half-dozen souls to give a deepkin even a third of their normal life.[5b]


The Enclaves or nations of the Idoneth are hidden in the darkest depths of the larget oceans of the Mortal Realms. Connected by underwater Realmgates called whirlways, the Idoneth are able to support each other in times of dire need and launch raids across the realms.[1]

The first city of the Idoneth was named Gealrachi, and was hidden beneath the waves of the Gealus Ocean in Hysh. Yet the Idoneth were ever a fractious race and the discovery of the whirlways saw them split into six enclaves and disperse across the realms to lead their own isolationist existences. The noblest of the Idoneth were called Ionrach and travelled to Ghyran to establish their own city, while the aggressive and impetuous Fuethán found themselves drawn to the boiling seas of Aqshy. [1]

Greater Enclaves

Other known Enclaves


The enclaves of the Idoneth are split into three castes:

  • Namarti: the most numerous part of the Idoneth Deepkin.
  • Akhelian: the martial caste.
  • Isharann: the masters of magic.

Each enclave has a ruling council made up of Isharann and Akhelian. Between them they decide the path their enclave will follow, be it aggressive expansion, total isolationism or somewhere in between. It is a harmonious relationship for the most part with no overall ruler because the Isharann know they cannot claim new souls without the Akhelian caste leading their raids. In return, the Akhelians know they can't do much with their captured souls without the arcane knowledge of the Isharann.[1]


Most denizens of the Mortal Realms know little or nothing of the Idoneth Deepkin, for they have been fastidious in their isolation, cutting themselves off from the realms and shrouding their activities in arcane rituals and dark magic. A survivor of an Idoneth attack may have fleeting memories of them, but these will soon fade into half-remembered nightmares as the spells of the Tidecasters take hold. Yet the Idoneth's continual need for souls has finally etched their existence in the minds of several races, most of which now seek revenge on the aelves that have plagued their land and slain their peoples for centuries. The Idoneth can't make amends easily, for their curse can't be cured and souls must be harvested, yet several enclaves have pledged their allegiance to Sigmar and the forces of Order, promising to fight against he growing forces of Chaos wherever they can.[1]

Known Bond-beasts

  • Allopex - A raiding beast.[5e]
  • Deepmare - raiding beast of Idoneth leaders.[6]
  • Druilfish - A Rock-boreing fish used for expanding the networks of undersea cities and to carve out underhalls[5e]
  • Fangmora Eel - A raiding beast.[5e]
  • Fuiadon - The molten discharges of this creature are used to fire the forges.[5e]
  • Gilotán - Mainly used by Fuethán enclave, this spiny beast can unleash flame at its enemies.[5h]
  • Great Scaphodon - A continent-sized beast, they live in Ghur and wanders into seabeds. The main city of Nautilar is located here.[5f]
  • Leviadon - A great draft beast[3] and living fortress of Idoneth phalanxes.[5e]
  • Luminar Fish - Their bioluminescent light is used to brighten even the deepest and largest abyssal vaults.[5e]
  • Ochtar - A tentacled familiar.[4]
  • Rakerdart - Used to help to Soulrenders to catch souls.[5k]
  • Scryfish - Shoals of these fish attack foes of Soulscryers with the spikes that jut out from their jaws.[5k]
  • Stórá - The arcane charge of this creature is used to power many of the fanes of the Isharann.[5e]

Known Wild beasts

  • Ankusha – Shell Spines of this creature are near-unbreakable so are used by Idoneth Deepkin raiders to additionally goad their ferocious beasts in battle.[5l]
  • Augury Shells – Augury shells come from the Cerithium Sea. They enable the Idoneth spellcaster to better predict course of destiny.[5o]
  • Brain Barnacles – These nightmarish parasites native to the ethersea are microscopic arthropods which can attach themselves to brain tissue of sentient creatures and feed off their thoughts. Idoneth harvest this barnacles, capture them in vials and release them toward a most powerful enemies in battle.[5n]
  • Brón – The conches of this creature contain in them the lamentation of a Lliandra, Awakened and great sorceress. When shattered the woe of Lliandra is released filling Idoneth around with the stoic and sad grimness. [5m]
  • Carcinclaws - Big beasts with spiked armour so thick they are all but invulnerable, and with serrated pincers which can wasily cut aelf in two; native to the Realm of Ghur.[5i]
  • Dritchleech - These incredibly rare worms feed upon magic so could drain even the most potent arcane energies. The Idoneth themselves long ago gain an immunity to these worms effects but use them on the battlefield to suppress magic of enemy spellcasters.[5n]
  • Gargadon - A colossal monstrosity.[5c]
  • Ghurish Kraken – Native to the Realm of Ghur as stated from its name, this kraken have sword-length tooths. Idoneth Deepkin spellcasters can use one of such tooth to create a manifestation of slavering maw of this dreaded creature that can swallow enemies whole.[5o]
  • Gnarcuda - A predator native to Realm of Ghur that attack in wolf packs.[5i]
  • Gyrfins - A predator native to Realm of Ghur.[5i].
  • Kalypsar - Idoneth hunt these beasts[5c].
  • Ketus-Shark – From the blood of this fish Idoneth Deepkin make a ‘’’Potion of Hateful Frenzy’’’ which can fill the drinker with berserker fury. After some period though the effect of potion wears off and the drinker became exhausted.[5l]
  • Kharibdyss - Idoneth hunt these beasts.[5c]
  • Krakigon - Idoneth hunt these beasts.[5c] Krakigon have a natural pigment for concealing its location when need to withdraw. Idoneth Deepkin use this pigment containing it in special vials. When such vial is shattered, the bearer is swiftly hidden in a darkness cload.[5m]
  • Living Coral - Corals that Idoneth Deepkin used for creating towers and citadels of their cities; native to Realm of Ghur.[5i] Chorrileums - the great reef-conglomerates that contains all souls of the dead Idoneth of a nearby city also made from this corals.[5j]
  • Lurkinarth - Idoneth hunt these beasts.[5c]
  • Sithilopod - A thousand-tentacled monster.[5c]
  • Terrornight Medusa – From the tentacles of this creature Idoneth distill a potent venom. The smallest cut of the weapon coated with this venom fill the victim with the feeling of approaching doom and cause a severe pain.[5m]
  • Voracuda - Swarms of these creatures carry out attacks on Idoneth strongholds.[6]

Known Underwater Races

  • Kelpdar - afraid of Idoneth and everything that connected with them[5c]
  • Merwynn - afraid of Idoneth and everything that connected with them[5c]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Aemorthis Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian King Aelf In the Time of Tribulations he saved a contingent of Stormcast from a horde of Deathrattle skeletons raised by necromancers.
Gwyth Banrionic Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian King Aelf In the Age of Myth she was the first and perhaps the greatest queen of the Dhom-hain Enclave..
Giléan Six-Eyes Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Embailor Aelf An Embailor that taught Ubraich.
Glorian Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian King Aelf In the Time of Tribulations he lured a large force of Ironjawz into a Realmgate to Shyish.
Lotann Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Soulscryer Aelf The Warden of the Soul Ledgers
Radharcith Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Soulscryer Aelf He led a force that, in alliance with the Sylvaneth defeated a large Chaos force.
Ubraich Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Embailor Aelf Son of a Namarti mother that became an Embailor after being taught by Giléan Six-Eyes.
Volturnos Idoneth Deepkin High King Aelf The only surviving Cythai and regarding by many Deepkin as their greatest warrior, earning his reputation in the Age of Myth.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Akhelian Allopex M01.jpg
Akhelian Allopex Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Akhelian Ishlaen Guard M01.jpg
Akhelian Ishlaen Guard Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Akhelian King M01.jpg
Akhelian King Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Akhelian Leviadon M01.jpg
Akhelian Leviadon Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Akhelian Morrsarr Guard M01.jpg
Akhelian Morrsarr Guard Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Eidolon of Mathlann M01.jpg
Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Sea Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Eidolon of Mathlann M02.jpg
Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Storm Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Isharann Soulrender M01.jpg
Isharaan Soulrender Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Isharann Soulscryer M01.jpg
Isharann Soulscryer Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Isharann Tidecaster M01.jpg
Isharann Tidecaster Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Lotann M01.jpg
Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Namarti Thrall M01.jpg
Namarti Thrall Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Namarti Reaver M01.jpg
Namarti Reaver Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll
Volturnos M01.jpg
Volturnos, the High King Idoneth Deepkin Order Warscroll

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