Ilesha Dune

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Ilesha Dune is a Battlemage of the Collegiate Arcane who entered Shadespire in search of knowledge. [1]


A small round woman who looks older than her age with silver hair and her cheeks decorated with arcane glyphs. She wears robes that are cerulean and amethyst coloured. [1a] If required she would go armed with a slim sword, several daggers and her black wooden staff.[1c]


She entered the city of Shadespire as part of an expedition in search of knowledge but became trapped like many before her, unable to leave or even die. Like a number of others she entered the service of the Katophrane, Lady Sadila Hausa who offered a way out for them all if she would assist in rebuilding the Faneway. [1]


She is fond of poetry, notably Helmgwa's Ode to an Undying Queen.. [1b]


You are wrong. What I needed was time, and now I have an eternity. I learn more every day.

~ Ilesha to Seguin Reynar.[1d]