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Ah my love, I can help you. Let me be your inspiration, your heart, your vision. Let me lift you from the squalor and help you to reach the heights you so deserve. Yes, that’s it. You understand. Now, a little kiss, and the world shall be yours.

-Kwahreel, Muse[1a]

One of many forms Imps can assume[2]

Imps (sometimes called Daemon Imps[1]) are minor Daemons who frequently appear as Familiars.[1][2]


In the formless maelstrom of the Realm of Chaos there are more Daemons than just those who serve the Ruinous Powers. Some exist in-between the domains of the Chaos Gods, skittering about as they try not to become nourishment for more potent forces.[2] Imps are the least of these least, amorphous minor Daemons born from loosed emotions. They cycle endlessly through a variety of shapes that reflect the thought or concept that birthed them.[2]

For these creatures few avenues of escape are possible. A few are claimed by greater powers as messengers, over time taking on characteristics of their new masters until eventually becoming indistinguishable from its other servants, transforming from nothing into something. They can even be sent to do their masters bidding, like guarding a famous site.[2] Others look to flee the plane of Chaos entirely, serving as Familiars to those mortals powerful (and unwise) enough to accept them. In this their amorphous nature benefits them greatly, as they can serve any they wish.[2] In the mortal world they continue to take many forms, the only constants being claws, wings, and fearsome threat to those around them.[1] They are able to speak in many languages and are gifted spellcasters, yet like all Daemons, are inherently unstable and any damage to their forms has a chance of sending them screaming back from whence they came.[2]

Marked Imps

Bubo: Imps aligned with Nurgle unsurprisingly appear like tiny versions of Nurglings. They are delicate, fragile, foul, and green, resembling small withered peas dimpled with sphincters that issue foul yellow wetness. A Bubo thrives on sickness, and any bitten by one always contract one of a multiple of diseases.[2]

Fearling: Tzeentch changes its Imps into small balls of pink flesh, similar to miniature Horrors. They sit and quiver while expelling blue and pink flames from many mouths, and when they move they do so by pulling themselves along with pseudopodia despite being able to fly, scorching the ground with their touch. Fearlings inspire rebellious thoughts and encourage acts of anarchy, and any who can call one their ally finds their spellcasting slightly improved.[2]

Malice: Khorne’s Imps appear as small warriors clad in black armour, looking very much like tiny Chaos Warriors. There is nothing miniature about their temperament, however, which rivals some of the most vicious Khornate champions. Unsurprisingly Malices feed on rage and hatred, inspiring both in mortals so much so that they drive their nearby allies to a frenzy simply through their presence.[2]

Muse: Perfect, beautiful, nubile young women with flowing hair of scintillating colours, at least to those beguiled by their trickery, a Muse is the result of an Imp influenced by Slaanesh. No more than three feet tall, the devotion they can command from mortals dwarfs their apparent size. Capable of stealing their victim’s souls, draining away the capacity for sensation as they do so, they also gleefully inspire pushes for new heights, further and further until there’s no going back. They are known to make some tasks blissfully easier for allies nearby.[2]