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The Imperial Engineers School of Altdorf creates many and often outlandish inventions for the Empire. [1a]

Its full title is: The Imperial College of Engineers and Stephen Franz School of Mechanical Expertise. [3d]

The School

Whilst some engineers trained at the school remain there, others seek out a rich and pwoerful patron such as a nobleman or even a Elector Count. [1a]

Over the years it has grown, even attracting renegade Dwarf engineers who were cast from their halls for violating the strict orthodoxies of the highly traditionalist Dwarf Engineers Guilds.

The College concerns itself with alchemical and mechanical research, and designs and builds war machines and weapons for the Empire. Although the College's endeavors are not limited purely to the area of weapons, it is inevitable in a dangerous world that much of its focus is on advancing the Empire's technology of war. [3d] Its greatest patron is the Emperor himself, who supports the research of the College with massive amounts of gold.

Similar colleges were founded in other Imperial cities, such as Nuln.[2] However the Imperial Gunnery School of Nuln is a vast industrial complex that focuses on creating better guns, cannons, black powder rather than new inventions. [3d]

The school itself consists of a large complex of bunkers, laboratories, firing ranges and open areas. Buildings seldom last long and the Fire Watch of the city monitor it carefully. [3e]


It was founded in 2012 IC by the infamous genius Leonardo of Miragliano [1a] who had travelled to the Empire and was employed by Prince Stephan Franz of Altdorf to aid his ambitions to gain the Imperial throne and fight the undead. [3b]

Although he designed many weapons of war at the newly established School his most famous creation was the Steam Tank, said to be inspired by the ocean going iron warships of the Dwarfs. [3b]

The Prince of Altdorf brought the engineers of the school with their inventions to aid magnus the Pious during the Great War Against Chaos and the School was rewarded by becomming an offical Imperial instituion. [3d]

Storm of Chaos

As Archaon advanced into the Empire, Count von Raukov sought to make a stand at Castle Lenkster, attmepting to prevent the invaders having direct route to Middenheim. The River Fleet of the college joined them there - the steam gunboat Von Brunel towing seven barges filled with munitions, war machines and engineers to assist the defence. [3a]


The College has created many of the more advanced weapons now in use by Imperial armies, such has the Hochland long rifle, the repeater handgun and the repeater pistol. One of their more eccentric creations was a mechanical horse that could be ridden by a member of the College in battle.

Known inventions of the College include the Steam Tank and the War Wagon.


  • Avel Ferrara: Creator of Ferrara's Astounding Subterranean Drilling Momentum Facilitator. [3f]
  • Josef Bazalgette: Famous builder of sewer systems in Kislev, later a siege engineer. [3e]
  • Karl Herstel: Joint inventor of the Herstel-Wenckler Pigeon Bomb. [3]
  • Leon Todmeister: Inventor of the Fantabulously Far-Reaching Harquebus of Unforseeable and Unperceived Bereavement., an upgraded Hochland Long Rifle. [3c]
  • Rauvork: Creator of Rauvork's Phantasmagorial Aerial Splendiferousness Enabler. [3f]
  • Stefan Wenckler: Joint inventor of the Herstel-Wenckler Pigeon Bomb.
  • Von Brunel: Inventor of the Magnificent Sub-Hydro Velocipator of Proven Durability. [3c]

Relations with Others

The College has a great deal of antipathy towards the Colleges of Magic, in particular the Gold Order. [3e]


As well as harried and soot-stained runners and the porters, the college mixes alchemists, astronomers, biologist, and mechanics. [3e]




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