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Prince Imrik is a mighty Dragon Prince, known as the Lord of Dragons, and one of the High Elves greatest warriors. [2a]

The elves of Ulthuan say that in him the prowess in war of the Phoenix Kings Caledor I and Tethlis has been reborn. The greatest of dragons stir at his call and the living do not stand before him or look upon the fire in his eyes. [2a] Dragons will not fight the Lord of Dragons. [2a]


Imrik is the last of the line of Caledor Dragontamer and Crown Prince of the realm of Caledor on Ulthuan. [2a]

Noted as the greatest of all elven warriors during his lifetime, Imrik fought battles on Ulthuan's shores and in the Old World in Ulthuan's name.Needs Citation

During the Great War against Chaos and as the Dark Elves and Chaos worshippers rampaged across Ulthuan, Prince Tyrion was gathering the elf armies on the Finuval Plain. Imrik received a vision from Asuryan that a Champion of Slaanesh, Agellor the Depraved was about to attack them from behind. [4a]

Imrik marched through the night and attacked the chaos forces east of Finuval, initially shattering them with a cavalry charge. However Agellor then appeared from the skies above on his dragon, and quickly defeated Fenastius who rode against him on his Pegasus Deathmane. Imrik on his own dragon Skybolt engaged the chaos champion himself, piercing both him and his mount with the Star Lance. Dying, Agellor held onto the lance and neither Imrik or Skybolt could free themselves from the enemy before they hit the ground, killing both dragons. Despite his grief over the fallen, Imrik took a rider-less horse and led his remaining warriors to the Battle of Finuval Plain. [4a]

In 2418 IC, the Bretonnian city of Couronne was besieged by a great horde of Beastmen and recieved unexpected aid from a High Elf army commanded by Imrik who even fought alongside King Charlin. The humans were unaware that the elves were fighting to protect the ancient waystones that were buried beneath the main castle. [3a]

Imrik also disliked the narrow-mindedness and caution of the asur. After a long period of not wishing to embarrass Caledor through his actions, he eventually could take inaction no more. He levied armies and roused dragons, sending them to hotspots all over the world, from Lustria to Cathay, frequently leading these armies from the front and bringing glory to Ulthuan that his nation had not seen in a long time. Few other elven nobles had followed his example though, and it seemed that only the blood of Caledor was being spilled. He therefore returned home and to the Phoenix Court, but his years on the field in foreign lands had left him unprepared for courtly elven intrigue. He tried petioning Finubar himself but Finubar would not trouble himself with Imrik's personal politics and refused to grant him an audience. This made Imrik angry with his peers and he began withholding Caledorian support from anyone who would not pledge to back his claim to the Phoenix Crown in the next election, whenever that may be.Needs Citation

When the Twin-Tailed Comet appeared in the sky, Finubar finally deigned to see Imrik. Finubar spoke seemingly in riddles, which Imrik deciphered as him having seen a near-incomprehensible future. When Finubar then described his own future death, Imrik had no doubt that he spoke the truth, and began making plans.Needs Citation

The End Times

During the End Times, as daemons roamed Ulthuan once more, the Phoenix King Finubar and the Everqueen Alarielle had disappeared leaving Imrik and others to lead the fight against the invaders. [5a]

After fighting tirelessly in many lands, Imrik then led calls for the election of a new Phoenix King to unite the bickering elf lords, reeling from the recent devastation of Chrace. [5a] Imrik had enough support for the other princes to consider his request, but when Tyrion arrived, with the support of the entire Phoenix Guard, to challenge Imrik, the lord of dragons was denied his wish. Incensed, Imrik refused to pledge the forces of Caledor to Tyrion's newly united army and returned home - though several other princes of Caledor broke from Imrik's side to lend their might to Tyrion.Needs Citation

Imrik stubbornly refused to parley with Tyrion during the Wars of Reclamation. Angered, Tyrion vowed to banish Caledor from the Phoenix Court until Imrik begged for his forgiveness. This vow lost him the support of over half of the Caledorians under his command.Needs Citation

Imrik then summoned Teclis to Tor Caleda after the elven victory at the Battle of Moonspire. In secret, to avoid Tyrion's ire, Teclis went. Imrik claimed to have had a vision of Lileath in his dreams, who had facilitated Imrik talking to his great ancestor Caledor Dragontamer. Caledor had told him that it was a time to forget the enmities of the past. Imrik also showed Teclis a bounty of hundreds of dragon eggs sent from Naggaroth by the druchii. Together, Imrik and Teclis agreed to make peace with the dark elves. Imrik's first move in this peace process was to rouse the dragons of Caledor, and reluctantly lead them against the high elf defenders of Eagle Gate who were trying to repel an invading druchii army led by Malus Darkblade. It was only with Imrik's unasked-for aid that the dark elves had taken the Gate, much to his barely-contained disgust.Needs Citation

Imrik was both proud that his forces were willing to work with druchii against their fellow asur purely out of their love for him, but devastated that it had come to this at all. The alliance between Caledor and the dark elves was fraught at best, and a bloodbath waiting to happen at worst. Imrik was reluctantly taking commands from Malekith himself, but he became convinced that his actions were true as soon as Teclis informed him that Tyrion, now the Regent of Ulthuan, had succumbed to both the wiles of Morathi, and the curse of Aenarion. Imrik rallied the forces of Caledor, telling them in no uncertain terms that Tyrion must be prevented from wielding the Widowmaker thereby becoming Khaine reborn. The restraint that Imrik's men had showed their fellow high elves thus far fell away from them, and they fought alongside the dark elves with grim determination when they met enemy asur on the field. In the end, it was Imrik's Starlance that felled Princess Ystranna of Chrace. In the aftermath of her death, Imrik built her a funeral pyre by himself, angrily refusing all offers of help. He stood vigil over that pyre, which burned for days until finally it's embers died and Imrik found himself in the presence of wood elves. They told him that his dragons were needed at the Shrine of Asuryan, where Teclis, Malekith, and their new ally Caradryan tried to hold out against the fleets of Aislinn long enough for Malekith, wounded in battle against Tyrion, to pass through the sacred fire and be imbued with the power of Asuryan.Needs Citation

Tyrion, also wounded, was incapable of leading his armies himself, so they were forced to fight Imrik and the might of Caledor without him. Imrik's star shone brightly, conquering Tiranoc and Eataine in mere weeks and separating Aislinn's ships in the Sea of Dreams from those in the Great Ocean by capturing Lothern. Imrik stayed out of Nagarythe and Yvresse as Alith Anar appeared content to remain neutral, and Yvresse was still full of daemons. Instead, he took Saphery, though he treated with the loremasters of the Tower of Hoeth, and allowed them their neutrality. With four of Ulthuan's ten kingdoms under Imrik's control and Cothique on the verge of joining them, Tyrion took to the field once more, disfigured, but wielding the Widowmaker and at the head of a combined high elf and dark elf army under the sway of the power of Khaine. Imrik lost his gains in Cothique within days then met Tyrion in personal combat when Tyrion marched into Saphery. Although Imrik's Starlance was the first weapon to have ever pierced the Dragon Armour of Aenarion, Tyrion was unfazed and slaughtered three dragon riders who swooped in to save Imrik's life from a killing blow from the Widowmaker.Needs Citation

Tyrion again abandoned the front lines, leaving the retaking of Imrik's captured territory to other generals. Not long after, Korhil led the army to retake Lothern, and from there to finally defeat Caledor. Imrik and his dragon princes flew their dragons alongside Malekith, healed and imbued with the might of Asuryan alongside an army flying the banners of every elven nation save Nagarythe, including Korhil's own home of Chrace. Malekith, Imrik and Teclis won a decisive victory that day, and Korhil fled the field with less than half of the army that he'd arrived with. Imrik redoubled his support of Malekith in an attempt to dull the new Phoenix King's centuries of evil reputation but within a month, it proved almost all for naught as Malekith's temperament, unchanged from his long centuries as a tyrant, raised the ire of the asur, and eventually even Imrik, who barely managed to swallow his pride and not strike his leige after one harsh word too many. Teclis managed to persuade Malekith to apologise, assuaging Imrik just enough for he and Malekith to come to a brittle accord.Needs Citation

Imrik next took part in the Seige of Tesselia. Those inside the city were ordered by Tyrion's forces to take up arms against Malekith's. All of those asur who refused were slaughtered, or used as bait in traps. Imrik and his dragonriders took heavy losses tring to save as many of these elves as possible, but the cruelty of the killings, alongside the sacrifice of Imrik's warriors, earned Malekith the loyalty of the previously neutral Tower of Hoeth as well as the vast majority of Saphery. They marched for Cothique next but Imrik and his men were prevented from lending their aid to any fighting in the Annuli Mountains by flocks of monsters, either roused by the din of battle, or by Morathi's magics. Malekith had to order Imrik to retreat, lest he lose far too many dragons to a simple extermination effort.Needs Citation

With the armies of Tyrion and Malekith not gaining any significant ground, Tyrion refusing to face Malekith in single combat, and the power of Chaos waxing again in the world, Teclis tried to convince Malekith to shatter the Vortex and claim one of the winds of magic for himself, much as Nagash had already done with Shyish, the wind of death, in the Old World. Malekith outright refused, remembering his previous attempt to do so, and what the consequences of that had been. Alarielle too refused to counsel Malekith, now her betrothed, to change his mind. Imrik though claimed that Caledor Dragontamer, in another vision some months ago, had suggested this very plan. Imrik and Teclis together persuaded the Everqueen to petition her husband-to-be. Imrik meanwhile encountered one of his most loyal princes, Marendri, who had murdered three of his brothers and tried to defect to Tyrion's side. After executing him, Imrik and his peers realised that Khaine's influence was now affecting their armies as well as Tyrion's. This realisation, along with Alarielle's counsel, persuaded Malekith to agree to Teclis' plan.Needs Citation

Imrik and the wood elf Araloth led their forces in a delaying action to buy time for the ritual that would grant Malekith the power Teclis was offering but Imrik had to call for Caradryan for reinfocements lest they be overwhelmed but even that did not help. Malekith's fleet had not arrived, and so he had no way for his armies to retreat to the relative safety of the Isle of the Dead. Instead, Malekith prepared to join with Imrik, ready to fight a last stand. Thankfully, Alarielle appeared at the head of Aislinn's fleet, having persuaded the Herald of Mathlann to defect to Malekith's side. A rearguard of druchii, asur and asrai fought against Tyrion's van for four hours as the the bulk of Malekith's forces assembled on Aislinn's dragonships. Imrik was one of the last to leave that battle, fleeing just before Malekith as Tyrion arrived with his main force.Needs Citation

The following day, Tyrion arrived on the Isle of the Dead at the head of a host roughly equal to that of Malekith's. Imrik had been given command of the western flank and so mostly fought against the corsairs of Lokhir Fellheart who, like Aislinn, had switched sides to ferry their former foes to the Isle. Minaithnir, Imrik's mount, tore through kharibdysses with ease, throwing Tyrion's flank into chaos that was quickly capitalized upon. An army of drowned undead, summoned by Tyrion, was the turning point for Imrik's part in the battle. The elves fought with skill and courage, but the soaked monstrosities had overwhelming numbers on their side. Even the flames, claws and teeth of Imrik's mighty dragons were not enough to stem the tide. However, Malekith's new blade, Asuryath, began summoning forth the spirits of dead Phoenix Kings, and Imrik's forces, bolstered by the presence of Caledor's contributions to the ranks of the Phoenix Kings, were finally fully assured of Malekith's righteousness and Fellheart's flank began to completely collapse. Lokir Fellheart still lived though, and managed to catch Imrik completely off guard. Imrik likely would have been unseated from Minaithnir, if not outright killed by Fellheart, had not the spirit of Princess Ystranna, manifested through the power of the Isle of the Dead, fired a ghostly arrow into Fellheart's back, foiling his attack. Elsewhere on the field, Tyrion stood victorious over Malekith, ready to strike the deathblow, but an arrow, fired by Alith Anar, who had finally chosen which side he would fight on, found it's way into the hole in Tyrion's armour left by Imrik's Starlance back in Saphery all those months ago.Needs Citation

Imrik was the last mortal left alive on the Isle of the Dead after the battle's end. Tyrion was dead; Malekith, injured, had been borne from the isle by bodyguards, and both Teclis and Alarielle had each merged their beings with one of the winds of magic. Alarielle left soon after, the Isle of the Dead sinking into the sea around them. Imrik offered Teclis a ride on Minaithnir, but Teclis refused, instead bidding that he be left alone with the corpse of his twin. Imrik did as asked, and witnessed with surprise Teclis carry his brother aloft before the sea finally reclaimed the Isle.Needs Citation

Ulthuan was completely lost. The Vortex was what kept the islands afloat and with each of the winds that it consisted of now inhabiting a physical body, all of Ulthuan was underwater. Imrik flew toward Bretonnia, and from there Athel Loren. The asur refugees in Athel Loren saw Imrik as a stabilising force - though Malekith still ruled, and Alarielle became his bride, Imrik's stoicism in the face of their tragedy kept many from taking their own lives.Needs Citation

Imrik was counted among the greatest warriors of Ulthuan, astride his ferocious Dragon he was a force of destruction upon the battlefield. Unbeknownst to all but Caledor Dragontamer himself, the famed archmage's lineage was intrinsically tied to the very fate of the elves. As Caledor's last living heir, if Imrik were to perish, then so too would the entire elven species soon after.Needs Citation


Prideful to a fault, Imrik had never been fond of either Tyrion or Teclis, the elven hero twins. He resented the many glorious achievements of the brothers as if his paled in comparison. Famously, Imrik also held a grudge against King Charlen of Bretonnia, even after the man's death, for stealing many of Imrik's kills during the Siege of Couronne in 2418 IC and perhaps, as some say, even saving Imrik's life.Needs Citation

Weapons and Equipment

  • Armour of Caledor: For well over four thousand years the masters of the house of Caledor have worn this Ithilmar armour in battle.[2a]
  • Dragonhorn: This war horn is made from the horn of an ancient dragon, gifted to Imrik's distant ancestors in elder days. The dying fire drake summoned all his remaining power to enchant his remaining unbroken horn as he lay bleeding in the aftermath of the Battle of the Glade of Tears.[2a]
  • Starlance: The tip of this weapon is forged from the heart of a fallen comet. With a blade of such keenness no armour can protect Imrik's foes.[2a]
  • Minaithnir: Imrik's personal mount is Minaithnir, [2a] eldest and wisest of the star dragons. Not only was Minaithnir powerful and swift, he also had a gift for prophecy, once telling Imrik exactly how the world's last dragons would all die. Needs Citation




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