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The Kingdoms of Ind are located in the eastern lands of the World, to the southwest of the Great Empire of Cathay.


The End Times

During The End Times, the Kingdoms of Ind were destroyed by Skaven of the Clan Pestilens and the Blackclaws - a top-trained special unit of gutter runners.[9]


A deeply spiritual land, its people may seem strangely content to outsiders, but it is just their odd way of dealing with the horrors of life and should not distract the traveller from the perils of this place.

A favoured destination for spice merchants from all across the world, who eagerly travel here to buy rare and valued herbs. The lands of Ind are rich and fertile, and ruled by aristocratic overlords from their gorgeous palaces yet it can be difficult to understand the customs of the locals. In fact, doing something as simple as crossing a bridge the wrong way, or eating meat can stir up the ire of the locals in some places, bringing down swift retribution upon the confused traveller. [3a]

The Eye of the Tiger is a deep cave located high in the Shambani foothills of Ind. Said to contain the lost Stone of Simba, it has become the lair of the Bengal, a vicious tribe of tiger-headed Beastmen.

Notable locations

Notable artefacts

  • Brahmir Statue; - Probably recovered from some burning temple in far-off Ind, this is a wooden effigy of one of the thousand gods worshipped there by Man and Man-kin alike. For reasons unknown, the four-armed thing holds a particular horror for worshippers of the Dark Gods.


Travellers who survive the dangerous journey report that the rulers are rich and generous, living in opulent palaces as patrons of the arts as well as building golden temples. [6]


It is known as the Land of a Thousand Gods. [6]

The gods of Ind are also a puzzling lot, and travellers are advised to smile politely and nod, as a local offers up prays to his mouse or weevil deity, all the while content in the knowledge that Sigmar could crush them had he half a mind. One such spirit dwells within the rainforests, and is said to be a strange crossbreed of man and giant cat, combining the worst traits of each. These creatures are rarely seen, yet cautionary tales are told up and down the Kingdoms of Ind, and offerings to keep them at bay are made at roadside shrines wherever the path passes through, or near the shadowy forest. [3a]